30 Things To Do In Ahmedabad For Couples

Things To Do In Ahmedabad For Couples

Ahmedabad, the vibrant heart of Gujarat, is a city that seamlessly blends history, culture, and modernity. Whether you are newlyweds, longtime partners, or just starting your journey together, Ahmedabad offers a plethora of romantic and exciting activities. From exploring ancient architectural wonders to enjoying serene evenings by the river, the city has something special for every couple. In this guide, we’ll explore the best things to do in Ahmedabad for couples, ensuring you create unforgettable memories in this beautiful city.

Things To Do In Ahmedabad For Couples

  1. Sabarmati Riverfront

The Sabarmati Riverfront is an ideal spot for couples to spend quality time together. This beautiful promenade stretches along the Sabarmati River, offering scenic views and a calm ambiance. You can take a leisurely walk, rent a bicycle, or even go for a boat ride. The well-maintained gardens and seating areas provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. During the evening, the riverfront is beautifully lit, making it a perfect place for a romantic stroll.

  1. Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake is a popular destination for couples in Ahmedabad. This large, circular lake offers a range of activities, including boat rides, a toy train, and a zoo. The lush green surroundings and the musical fountain show in the evening create a romantic atmosphere. For those looking for a bit of adventure, the Kankaria Adventure Park offers exciting rides and activities. You can also find numerous food stalls offering local delicacies, making it a great spot for a date.

  1. Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Stepwell, also known as Adalaj ni Vav, is a stunning architectural marvel and a perfect place for couples who appreciate history and architecture. This intricately carved stepwell dates back to the 15th century and offers a cool, serene environment. The detailed carvings on the walls tell stories of a bygone era, providing a unique backdrop for photographs. Exploring the stepwell together can be a memorable experience, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship and the historical significance of this site.

  1. Hutheesing Jain Temple

The Hutheesing Jain Temple is a beautiful place for couples to explore together. Built in the 19th century, this temple is renowned for its intricate marble carvings and peaceful ambiance. The architecture of the temple is awe-inspiring, with detailed sculptures and ornate decorations. Couples can spend time walking around the temple complex, admiring the artistry and enjoying the tranquil surroundings. The temple also offers a glimpse into the rich cultural and religious heritage of Ahmedabad.

  1. Law Garden Night Market

The Law Garden Night Market is a bustling spot for couples who love shopping and street food. This vibrant market comes alive in the evening, offering a variety of traditional Gujarati clothes, accessories, and handicrafts. The colorful stalls and lively atmosphere make it a fun place to explore together. After shopping, you can indulge in delicious street food from the numerous food stalls. The market is known for its chaat, dabeli, and other local snacks, making it a perfect place for a casual, enjoyable evening.

  1. Sarkhej Roza

Sarkhej Roza is a historic complex that offers a blend of Islamic and Hindu architecture, making it a fascinating place for couples to visit. The serene environment and beautiful structures provide a peaceful retreat from the city’s chaos. You can explore the mosque, tombs, and pavilions, all set around a large, tranquil water tank. The architectural beauty and the quiet ambiance make it a perfect spot for couples to spend some quality time together, reflecting on the history and beauty of the site.

  1. Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is a bustling market area in the heart of Ahmedabad that transforms into a lively food market at night. Couples can enjoy an exciting culinary adventure here, sampling a variety of local dishes and street food. The market is known for its pav bhaji, dosa, and kulfi, among other delicacies. The vibrant atmosphere and the delicious food make Manek Chowk a perfect spot for a fun and memorable date night. Exploring the market together and trying different foods can be a delightful experience for any couple.

  1. Ahmedabad Heritage Walk

The Ahmedabad Heritage Walk is a wonderful way for couples to explore the city’s rich history and architecture. The guided tour takes you through the old city, showcasing various historical sites, temples, and havelis. The walk provides insights into the cultural heritage of Ahmedabad, allowing you to appreciate the city’s unique blend of architectural styles. Walking hand-in-hand through the narrow lanes and discovering the stories behind each site can be a romantic and educational experience for couples.

  1. Vintage Car Museum

The Vintage Car Museum, also known as the Auto World Vintage Car Museum, is a must-visit for couples who share an interest in automobiles. The museum houses a remarkable collection of vintage cars, including classic models from Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Cadillac. The well-maintained cars and the informative displays provide an interesting glimpse into the history of automobiles. Exploring the museum together can be a unique and enjoyable experience, offering plenty of opportunities for interesting conversations and photo ops.

  1. Sunset Drive-In Cinema

The Sunset Drive-In Cinema offers a nostalgic and romantic experience for couples in Ahmedabad. Watching a movie under the stars from the comfort of your car is a unique way to spend an evening together. The drive-in cinema screens the latest movies and provides a fun, relaxed atmosphere. You can bring your own snacks or buy refreshments from the on-site stalls. This classic date night activity allows couples to enjoy a film in a private setting, making it a memorable and intimate experience.

  1. Science City

Ahmedabad’s Science City is a fantastic destination for couples who enjoy interactive learning and scientific exploration. Spread over a large area, Science City features various attractions such as an IMAX 3D theatre, a planetarium, and the Hall of Space and Science. The park also hosts a range of exhibits on energy, life sciences, and space. Walking through the exhibits, watching educational films, and engaging in interactive displays can make for a fun and intellectually stimulating day out. It’s a great way to bond over shared interests and learn something new together.

  1. Thol Bird Sanctuary

Thol Bird Sanctuary, located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, is a haven for nature-loving couples. This picturesque sanctuary is home to a variety of bird species, including flamingos, pelicans, and cranes. The serene environment and the natural beauty of the sanctuary make it a perfect spot for bird-watching and photography. Couples can take a leisurely walk along the trails, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, and spot different bird species. It’s a wonderful place to escape the city and connect with nature.

  1. Sabarmati Ashram

The Sabarmati Ashram, also known as Gandhi Ashram, is a place of historical significance and tranquility. Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, the ashram was the residence of Mahatma Gandhi for many years. Couples can explore the museum, which houses numerous artifacts, photographs, and letters related to Gandhi’s life and work. The peaceful ambiance of the ashram offers a perfect setting for reflection and learning about India’s history. Walking through the ashram’s grounds and learning about the life of Mahatma Gandhi can be an inspiring experience for couples.

  1. Vastrapur Lake

Vastrapur Lake is a popular recreational spot in Ahmedabad, perfect for couples looking for a relaxing day out. The lake is surrounded by a well-maintained park, where you can take a leisurely stroll, sit by the water, or enjoy a picnic. In the evening, the lake area comes alive with food stalls offering a variety of snacks and refreshments. The peaceful environment and scenic beauty make it an ideal spot for couples to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

  1. ISKCON Temple

The ISKCON Temple in Ahmedabad is a beautiful and serene place for couples to visit. The temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, features stunning architecture, intricate carvings, and a peaceful atmosphere. Couples can participate in the aarti (prayer ceremony), listen to devotional music, and explore the temple grounds. The spiritual ambiance and the sense of tranquility make it a perfect place for couples to spend some quiet, reflective time together.

  1. AlphaOne Mall

For couples who enjoy shopping and entertainment, AlphaOne Mall (also known as Ahmedabad One Mall) is a great destination. This large shopping mall offers a wide range of international and domestic brands, making it a shopping paradise. Besides shopping, the mall features a multiplex cinema, a variety of dining options, and a gaming zone. Spending a day at AlphaOne Mall allows couples to shop, dine, watch a movie, and have fun together, all under one roof.

  1. Calico Museum of Textiles

The Calico Museum of Textiles is a must-visit for couples interested in art and history. This museum, housed in a beautiful old mansion, showcases an extensive collection of Indian textiles, including rare fabrics, traditional costumes, and intricate embroidery. The guided tours provide detailed insights into the history and techniques of textile making in India. Exploring the museum together offers a unique and enriching experience, allowing couples to appreciate the artistry and heritage of Indian textiles.

  1. Shanku’s Water Park

Shanku’s Water Park, located a short drive from Ahmedabad, is a fun-filled destination for couples looking to beat the heat. The park features a variety of water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers, offering a refreshing and exciting experience. Couples can enjoy thrilling rides, relax in the pools, and indulge in delicious snacks from the food stalls. It’s a great place to have fun and create joyful memories together.

  1. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, located about 60 km from Ahmedabad, is a perfect getaway for couples who love nature and bird-watching. The sanctuary is home to a large variety of migratory birds, including flamingos, pelicans, and herons. Couples can take a boat ride on the lake, enjoy the serene surroundings, and spot numerous bird species. The early morning or late evening visits are particularly enchanting, offering a peaceful and romantic experience in the lap of nature.

  1. Parimal Garden

Parimal Garden is a lush, green park in the heart of Ahmedabad, ideal for couples seeking a peaceful retreat. The garden features beautifully landscaped lawns, flower beds, and a variety of trees, providing a perfect setting for a relaxing walk or a picnic. There are also several benches and shaded areas where couples can sit and enjoy the tranquility. The garden’s serene environment and natural beauty make it a wonderful place for couples to unwind and spend quality time together.

  1. Jhulta Minara (Shaking Minarets)

Jhulta Minara, or the Shaking Minarets, is one of Ahmedabad’s architectural mysteries. Located at the Sidi Bashir Mosque, these minarets are famous for their unique design: when one minaret is shaken, the other vibrates as well, while the connecting passage remains still. This phenomenon remains unexplained and fascinates visitors. Couples can marvel at the engineering wonder, take photos, and delve into the historical significance of this intriguing site.

  1. Sanskar Kendra

Designed by the renowned architect Le Corbusier, Sanskar Kendra is a museum dedicated to the cultural heritage of Ahmedabad. The museum showcases various aspects of the city’s history, art, and architecture. Couples interested in design and culture will find the exhibits fascinating, ranging from traditional crafts to contemporary artworks. The museum’s serene atmosphere and insightful displays provide a perfect setting for a culturally enriching experience.

  1. Nehru Bridge

Nehru Bridge, spanning the Sabarmati River, is a significant landmark in Ahmedabad. While it is a busy bridge during the day, the evenings offer a quieter and more romantic ambiance. Couples can enjoy a peaceful walk along the bridge, taking in the panoramic views of the river and the cityscape. The bridge is beautifully lit at night, creating a picturesque setting for a romantic evening out.

  1. Riverfront Flower Park

The Riverfront Flower Park, part of the Sabarmati Riverfront development, is a delightful spot for couples who love nature and flowers. The park features a wide variety of flowering plants, well-manicured lawns, and picturesque pathways. Couples can take a leisurely stroll, admire the colorful blooms, and relax in the tranquil environment. The park is especially beautiful during the flower festival, which showcases an array of floral arrangements and garden art.

  1. Ahmedabad Haat

Ahmedabad Haat is a vibrant market showcasing traditional handicrafts and artisanal products from across Gujarat. Couples can explore the numerous stalls offering textiles, pottery, jewelry, and other handcrafted items. The market also features cultural performances and food stalls serving local delicacies. Visiting Ahmedabad Haat provides a unique shopping experience and a chance to support local artisans while enjoying the lively atmosphere.

  1. Vaishno Devi Temple

The Vaishno Devi Temple in Ahmedabad is a serene and spiritual destination for couples seeking a peaceful retreat. Modeled after the famous Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu, this temple offers a calm and tranquil environment for prayer and meditation. Couples can explore the temple complex, participate in the aarti, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The temple’s scenic location also provides a beautiful backdrop for reflection and relaxation.

  1. Sardar Patel Stadium

For couples who enjoy sports, a visit to the Sardar Patel Stadium (also known as Narendra Modi Stadium) is a must. This iconic cricket stadium is one of the largest in the world and hosts numerous international and domestic cricket matches. Couples can take a tour of the stadium, learn about its history, and experience the excitement of being in one of cricket’s most renowned venues. Attending a live match together can also be an exhilarating experience.

  1. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

The Sidi Saiyyed Mosque is renowned for its exquisite stone lattice work, particularly the iconic ‘Tree of Life’ window. This historical mosque, built in 1573, showcases the finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture. Couples can admire the intricate craftsmanship, explore the serene courtyard, and learn about the mosque’s historical significance. The beautiful and serene environment provides a peaceful and reflective experience.

  1. Patang Kite Museum

Ahmedabad is famous for its kite festival, and the Patang Kite Museum offers a fascinating insight into this cultural tradition. The museum houses a wide variety of kites from different parts of India and the world. Couples can explore the colorful displays, learn about the history of kite flying, and see some of the unique and artistic kites. The museum provides a fun and educational experience, especially for those visiting during the Uttarayan festival.

  1. Amritvarshini Vav (Panchkuva Stepwell)

Amritvarshini Vav, also known as Panchkuva Stepwell, is a hidden gem in Ahmedabad. This ancient stepwell, built in the 18th century, features beautiful carvings and intricate architecture. Couples can explore the stepwell, admire the detailed artistry, and learn about its historical significance. The serene and less crowded environment makes it a perfect spot for a quiet and contemplative visit.


Ahmedabad truly stands out as a destination for couples looking to experience a blend of history, culture, adventure, and romance. Whether you’re walking hand-in-hand along the Sabarmati Riverfront, exploring the intricate carvings of Adalaj Stepwell, or enjoying a movie under the stars at the drive-in cinema, the city offers countless opportunities for memorable moments. Each activity listed provides a unique experience that highlights the charm and diversity of Ahmedabad. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the best things to do in Ahmedabad for couples, making your visit a romantic adventure to cherish forever.

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