15 Things To Do In Delhi For Couples

Things To Do In Delhi For Couples

Delhi, the heart of India, is not just a city of historical monuments and bustling markets; it’s also a haven for couples seeking romantic escapades. From enchanting gardens to historic landmarks, Delhi offers a plethora of experiences for couples to create lasting memories. If you’re planning a romantic getaway in this vibrant city, here’s a curated list of things to do in Delhi for couples.

Things To Do In Delhi For Couples

  1. A Stroll through Lodi Gardens:

Lodi Gardens, an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban chaos, is an ideal spot for couples. The lush greenery, historical tombs, and serene lakes create a picturesque setting. Pack a picnic basket, spread out a blanket, and enjoy a leisurely afternoon together in the lap of nature.

  1. Romantic Boat Ride at India Gate:

India Gate, an iconic symbol of Delhi, transforms into a romantic haven in the evenings. Rent a paddleboat and cruise along the illuminated waters of the nearby pond. The breathtaking view of India Gate, surrounded by the city lights, sets the perfect mood for a romantic boat ride.

  1. Candlelight Dinner at Lodhi – The Garden Restaurant:

For a culinary delight amidst nature, head to Lodhi – The Garden Restaurant. Nestled in the heart of Lodi Gardens, this upscale eatery offers a serene ambiance and delectable dishes. Book a table in the outdoor seating area for a romantic candlelight dinner surrounded by the beauty of the gardens.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride at Damdama Lake:

For an adventurous and romantic experience, take a day trip to Damdama Lake. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride with your significant other and witness panoramic views of the lake and surrounding landscapes. The breathtaking scenery and the thrill of the balloon ride make for an unforgettable day.

  1. Visit Hauz Khas Village:

Hauz Khas Village is a trendy and artsy neighborhood that combines history with a vibrant modern culture. Explore the historical Hauz Khas Complex during the day, and as the evening sets in, revel in the lively atmosphere of the village’s cafes and boutiques. It’s an ideal spot for couples who appreciate a blend of history and contemporary charm.

  1. Artistic Retreat at the National Crafts Museum:

For couples interested in art and culture, a visit to the National Crafts Museum in Pragati Maidan is a must. Explore the rich cultural heritage of India through a diverse collection of traditional crafts and artifacts. The serene surroundings provide an ideal backdrop for a peaceful and culturally enriching date.

  1. Watch a Play at Kamani Auditorium:

Enjoy a night of culture and entertainment by catching a play at Kamani Auditorium. Located in the heart of Delhi, this auditorium hosts a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, and dance shows. It’s a perfect way to spend a romantic evening immersed in the world of performing arts.

  1. Explore Mehrauli Archaeological Park:

Mehrauli Archaeological Park is a treasure trove of historical monuments, tombs, and lush greenery. Take a leisurely walk hand in hand while exploring ancient structures like Balban’s Tomb and Jamali Kamali Mosque. The park’s serene ambiance provides a romantic setting for couples to immerse themselves in history.

  1. Gourmet Adventure in Chandni Chowk:

For couples with a love for food, a visit to Chandni Chowk is a culinary adventure. Explore the narrow lanes and indulge in local street food, from spicy chaat to mouthwatering parathas. Complete the experience with a visit to the iconic Karim’s for Mughlai delicacies.

  1. Couples Spa Day at The Imperial:

Indulge in a day of relaxation and rejuvenation at The Imperial’s spa. This luxury hotel offers a range of spa treatments for couples, providing a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Pamper yourselves with a soothing massage and unwind in a tranquil spa environment.

  1. Moonlit Drive at Rajpath:

Take a romantic drive along the majestic Rajpath, especially during the evening when the monuments and India Gate are beautifully illuminated. Enjoy the cool breeze and the enchanting cityscape as you drive through this iconic stretch.

  1. Dance the Night Away at Social, Hauz Khas Village:

For couples who love a vibrant nightlife, head to Social in Hauz Khas Village. This trendy pub offers a lively atmosphere, delicious cocktails, and a spacious dance floor. Dance the night away with your partner to the beats of energetic music.

  1. Day Out at Garden of Five Senses:

Discover the beauty of the Garden of Five Senses, a unique botanical garden designed to stimulate all five senses. Enjoy a romantic stroll through themed areas, including the herb garden and the Khas Bagh. The sculptures and artistic installations add an extra charm to this serene escape.

  1. Balloon Safari at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary:

For a unique and adventurous date, embark on a balloon safari at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. Soar above the landscape in a hot air balloon, spotting wildlife and enjoying breathtaking views of the sanctuary. It’s a truly memorable experience for couples seeking a touch of adventure.

  1. Private Movie Night at The Sky High, Ansal Plaza:

Enjoy a private movie screening under the stars at The Sky High in Ansal Plaza. Book a cozy cabana, complete with comfortable seating and a personal butler, for an intimate movie night with your loved one. It’s a romantic way to experience cinema in a unique setting.


Delhi, with its blend of history, culture, and modernity, offers a myriad of romantic experiences for couples. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll through gardens, a hot air balloon adventure, or a cultural outing, Delhi has something to offer every kind of couple. So, pack your bags and embark on a romantic escapade in the enchanting city of Delhi.

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