15 Things To Do In Infiniti Mall Malad

Things To Do In Infiniti Mall Malad

Nestled in the bustling suburb of Malad, Mumbai, Infiniti Mall stands as a beacon of entertainment, shopping, and gastronomic delight. Boasting a plethora of options for visitors, this shopping haven is not just a retail space but a multifaceted experience. In this guide, we’ll unravel the charm and explore the top Things To Do In Infiniti Mall Malad to make the most of your visit.

Things To Do In Infiniti Mall Malad

  1. Retail Therapy at Its Best: Shopping Extravaganza

Infiniti Mall, Malad, is a shopaholic’s paradise with a diverse range of brands and stores. From high-end fashion to quirky accessories, you’ll find it all under one roof. Explore renowned national and international brands, discover the latest trends, and indulge in some serious retail therapy. Whether you’re a fashionista or just looking for everyday essentials, Infiniti Mall has something for everyone.

  1. Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Journey

One of the highlights of Infiniti Mall is its array of dining options. From cozy cafes to fine-dining restaurants, the mall caters to every palate. Enjoy a delightful meal with friends or family, savoring diverse cuisines that cater to different tastes. Don’t forget to explore the food court, where you can sample a variety of local and international dishes, making it a perfect pitstop for food enthusiasts.

  1. Entertainment Galore: Movie Magic and More

For cinephiles, Infiniti Mall offers a state-of-the-art multiplex where you can catch the latest blockbuster. The cinema experience is enhanced by comfortable seating and top-notch audio-visual technology. Beyond movies, the mall also hosts live events, performances, and interactive activities, ensuring there’s always something entertaining happening.

  1. Kid-Friendly Fun: Play Zones and Amusement

Infiniti Mall is not just for adults; it’s a haven for kids too. The mall features dedicated play zones and amusement areas where children can unleash their energy. Whether it’s arcade games, mini rides, or creative workshops, Infiniti Mall ensures a memorable experience for the younger visitors.

  1. Health and Wellness: Fitness First

Stay on top of your fitness routine even while indulging in retail therapy. Infiniti Mall houses fitness centers and wellness studios where you can rejuvenate your mind and body. Consider incorporating a workout session or a relaxing spa treatment into your mall visit for a holistic experience.

  1. Tech Marvels: Explore the Latest Gadgets

For tech enthusiasts, Infiniti Mall showcases the latest gadgets and electronics. From cutting-edge smartphones to innovative home appliances, tech stores within the mall provide a hands-on experience for tech-savvy visitors. Stay updated on the latest trends and discoveries in the world of technology.

  1. Art and Culture: Gallery Exploration

Infiniti Mall isn’t just about commerce; it’s a hub for artistic expression as well. Some malls feature galleries or art installations showcasing local and contemporary artists. Take a leisurely stroll through these creative spaces, appreciating the diverse artworks that add a touch of culture to your mall experience.

  1. Fashion Shows and Events: Runway Glamour

Stay updated on the latest fashion trends by attending live fashion shows and events frequently organized in Infiniti Mall. These showcases often feature renowned designers and provide a glimpse into the upcoming styles, making your shopping experience not just about purchases but also about staying ahead in the fashion game.

  1. Bookworm’s Paradise: Bookstore Haven

For those who find solace in the world of literature, Infiniti Mall usually hosts well-known bookstores. Spend some quiet time browsing through the vast collection of books, magazines, and stationery. Some bookstores may even host book signings and author meet-and-greets, adding an extra layer of literary excitement.

  1. Seasonal Festivities: Celebrate with the Community

Infiniti Mall embraces the festive spirit during various occasions throughout the year. Whether it’s Diwali, Christmas, or any other cultural celebration, the mall often transforms into a festive wonderland. Immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere, partake in special events, and witness the mall adorned with thematic decorations.

  1. Tech Workshops and Demos: Hands-On Learning

Tech enthusiasts and aspiring innovators can benefit from the tech workshops and demonstrations often organized within the mall premises. From coding workshops to virtual reality experiences, these events offer hands-on learning opportunities, making it an engaging visit for those interested in the latest technological advancements.

  1. Pop-Up Markets: Unique Finds

Keep an eye out for pop-up markets and flea markets that occasionally set up shop in Infiniti Mall. These markets showcase unique, handmade, and locally crafted products, providing a chance to discover one-of-a-kind items that may not be available in mainstream stores.

  1. Photography Escapade: Capture the Moments

Infiniti Mall’s architecture and vibrant atmosphere create a visually appealing backdrop for photography enthusiasts. Spend some time capturing the essence of the mall – from bustling crowds to architectural details. Share your moments on social media or create a personal photo diary of your visit.

  1. Community Events: Get Involved

Check the mall’s event calendar for community-centric activities. From charity drives to awareness campaigns, Infiniti Mall often plays host to events that aim to bring people together for a good cause. Participate in these events to contribute to the community and make a positive impact.

  1. Interactive Displays: Engage and Learn

Some sections of Infiniti Mall feature interactive displays and exhibits. These can range from educational displays on environmental sustainability to interactive science exhibits. Engage with these displays to learn something new while having a bit of fun.


Infiniti Mall, Malad, is not just a shopping destination; it’s a vibrant ecosystem offering a diverse range of experiences. Whether you’re a fashion-forward shopper, a food connoisseur, a movie buff, or a family looking for a day of fun, Infiniti Mall has something special for everyone. Embrace the myriad of possibilities this mall has to offer, and let your visit be an unforgettable journey filled with joy, discovery, and entertainment.

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