12 Things To Do In Kalpa

Things To Do In Kalpa

Nestled in the heart of the mighty Himalayas, Kalpa stands as a serene gem in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, India. This picturesque village, perched at an elevation of 2,960 meters above sea level, offers a breathtaking panorama of snow-capped peaks, orchards, and traditional Kinnauri architecture. For the intrepid traveler seeking solace in the lap of nature, Kalpa is a haven waiting to be explored. Here’s a guide to the top things to do in Kalpa to make the most of your visit.

Things To Do In Kalpa

  1. Witness the Majestic Kinner Kailash:

One of the primary reasons to visit Kalpa is the stunning view of the Kinner Kailash range. Rising to an impressive height of 6050 meters, the snow-clad peaks of Kinner Kailash provide a mesmerizing backdrop to the village. Wake up early to catch the sunrise casting an ethereal glow on the peaks, making it a spiritual experience for many.

  1. Explore the Ancient Narayan-Nagini Temple:

The Narayan-Nagini Temple, located in Kalpa, is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region. Built in the traditional Kinnauri architectural style, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Narayan) and the serpent deity (Nagini). The intricate woodwork and the aura of spirituality make it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and pilgrims alike.

  1. Stroll through the Chini Village:

Take a leisurely walk to the nearby Chini Village, famous for its exquisite Kinnauri handicrafts. The village is renowned for its traditional shawls, caps, and handmade jewelry. Engage with the friendly locals, witness the craftsmanship, and perhaps purchase a unique souvenir to cherish the memories of your Kalpa visit.

  1. Experience the Serenity of Suicide Point:

Despite its morbid name, Suicide Point offers one of the most serene and panoramic views in Kalpa. The viewpoint, also known as Roghi Village, provides a breathtaking sight of the Sutlej River winding its way through the deep valleys. The sheer drop and the majestic landscape make it a perfect spot for introspection and photography.

  1. Embrace the Orchards of Kalpa:

Kalpa is famous for its apple orchards, and a visit during the harvest season (late summer to early autumn) is a treat for the senses. Take a stroll through the orchards, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and savor the sweetness of locally grown apples. You may even get a chance to interact with the orchard owners and learn about the apple cultivation process.

  1. Hike to the Sapni Fort:

Embark on a trek to Sapni Fort, a historical structure that stands as a silent witness to the region’s past. The trek offers not only a glimpse into the architectural heritage but also stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. The fort provides a peaceful setting for a picnic and a perfect vantage point for photographers.

  1. Visit the Batseri Village:

Take a short drive to Batseri, a charming traditional village near Kalpa. The village is known for its traditional wooden houses, cobbled pathways, and the Batseri Gompa. Immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, interact with the friendly villagers, and appreciate the simplicity of rural life in the Himalayas.

  1. Attend the Fulaich Fair:

If your visit coincides with the Fulaich Fair, consider yourself lucky. The fair, held annually in August, is a vibrant celebration of the local culture. With traditional music, dance, and colorful rituals, the Fulaich Fair provides a unique opportunity to witness the rich heritage of the Kinnaur region.

  1. Camping under the Starlit Sky:

Experience the magic of the night sky by camping in Kalpa. The clear mountain air and minimal light pollution create a perfect environment for stargazing. Set up your tent in a designated camping area, enjoy a bonfire, and marvel at the countless stars that adorn the Himalayan night.

  1. Taste Local Cuisine at Reckong Peo:

Kalpa is in close proximity to Reckong Peo, the administrative headquarters of Kinnaur district. Explore the local eateries to savor authentic Himachali cuisine. Don’t miss trying the traditional dishes like Sidu, Babru, and Thukpa, offering a delightful culinary journey through the region.

  1. Take a Nature Walk along the Sutlej River:

Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the banks of the Sutlej River. The gentle flow of the river, combined with the surrounding greenery, creates a tranquil atmosphere. This is an excellent opportunity for birdwatching and reconnecting with nature.

  1. Photography at Suicide Point during Sunset:

While Suicide Point is known for its sunrise views, it transforms into a magical landscape during sunset. The changing hues of the sky and the play of light on the mountains make it an ideal spot for photographers and those seeking a serene evening experience.


Kalpa, with its untouched beauty and cultural richness, offers a unique experience for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. From the majestic peaks of Kinner Kailash to the tranquility of Suicide Point, every corner of Kalpa has a story to tell. So, pack your bags, embark on a journey to Kalpa, and let the mountains weave their magic around you.

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