17 Things To Do In Madikeri

Things To Do In Madikeri

Nestled amidst the lush Western Ghats, Madikeri is a picturesque town in the Kodagu district of Karnataka, India. Known for its mist-covered hills, sprawling coffee plantations, and vibrant culture, Madikeri is a traveler’s delight. If you’re planning a visit to this enchanting destination, here’s a curated list of the best things to do in Madikeri.

Things To Do In Madikeri

  1. Visit Raja’s Seat:

Begin your Madikeri escapade with a trip to Raja’s Seat, a mesmerizing garden that offers breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset. This historical spot was once the favorite recreational place of Kodagu kings. Immerse yourself in the tranquility, and don’t forget to capture the scenic beauty.

  1. Explore Abbey Falls:

A short drive from Madikeri takes you to Abbey Falls, a cascading beauty surrounded by coffee plantations and spice estates. The gushing water, surrounded by lush greenery, creates a soothing ambiance. Spend some time relishing nature’s symphony and capturing the perfect shots.

  1. Trek to Tadiandamol Peak:

For adventure enthusiasts, Tadiandamol Peak offers an exhilarating trekking experience. The highest peak in Coorg, Tadiandamol rewards trekkers with panoramic views of the Western Ghats. The trek takes you through dense forests, making it a perfect blend of nature and adventure.

  1. Coffee Plantation Tour:

Madikeri is renowned for its coffee plantations, and a visit is incomplete without exploring the process of coffee cultivation. Opt for a guided coffee plantation tour to understand the nuances of coffee production, from bean to cup. Some estates also offer homestays, providing an immersive experience.

  1. Experience Tibetan Culture at Namdroling Monastery:

A short drive from Madikeri will lead you to the Namdroling Monastery in Bylakuppe, one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India. Immerse yourself in Tibetan culture, witness prayer ceremonies, and marvel at the intricate architecture of the Golden Temple.

  1. Marvel at Madikeri Fort:

Step into history by visiting Madikeri Fort, built by Mudduraja in the 17th century. The fort showcases a blend of Gothic and Islamic architecture and houses a museum that takes you on a journey through Kodagu’s past. The panoramic views from the fort are an added bonus.

  1. Indulge in Kodava Cuisine:

Savor the unique flavors of Kodava cuisine by trying local delicacies such as Pandi Curry (pork curry), Akki Roti (rice bread), and Nool Puttu (string hoppers). Several local eateries and restaurants offer an authentic taste of Coorg’s culinary heritage.

  1. Shopping at Madikeri Market:

Explore the vibrant Madikeri Market to buy spices, local coffee, traditional Coorg jewelry, and handmade crafts. The market provides a glimpse into the local lifestyle and is an excellent place to pick up souvenirs for loved ones.

  1. Mandalpatti Jeep Safari:

For a thrilling off-road adventure, embark on a jeep safari to Mandalpatti. The journey through rugged terrains and dense forests leads to a vantage point that offers panoramic views of the Western Ghats. The misty landscapes make this journey an unforgettable experience.

  1. Nisargadhama Island:

A short drive from Madikeri, Nisargadhama is a picturesque island on the Cauvery River. Accessible by a hanging bridge, the island is a haven for nature lovers, featuring lush bamboo groves, deer parks, and opportunities for boating.

  1. Coorg Wildlife Society – Rescue and Rehabilitation Center:

Get a closer look at the local wildlife at the Coorg Wildlife Society’s Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. The center is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned animals, providing visitors with a chance to learn about local wildlife conservation efforts.

  1. Chettalli Spice Plantation Tour:

Delve deeper into the world of spices by taking a tour of Chettalli Spice Plantation. This guided tour offers insights into the cultivation of various spices, including cardamom, pepper, and vanilla. You can also indulge in a spice-infused culinary experience.

  1. Visit Omkareshwara Temple:

Immerse yourself in spiritual vibes by visiting the Omkareshwara Temple. Built in the Indo-Saracenic style, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva features a central dome and four minarets, creating a unique architectural blend. The temple’s peaceful surroundings provide a perfect retreat for contemplation.

  1. Quad Biking at Dubare Elephant Camp:

For an adrenaline rush, head to Dubare Elephant Camp for quad biking adventures. Zoom through dirt tracks and lush landscapes on all-terrain vehicles, adding an element of thrill to your Madikeri itinerary.

  1. Kote Betta Sunset Hike:

Another hiking gem in the vicinity is Kote Betta. The relatively easy trek to the summit is rewarded with a spectacular view of the sunset. It’s an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts looking to capture the play of colors over the Coorg landscape.

  1. Rappelling at Kopatty Hills:

If you’re an adventure seeker, try rappelling at Kopatty Hills. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, this experience combines the thrill of descending down a steep rock face with stunning views of the Western Ghats.

  1. Attend a Kodava Cultural Event:

Check the local events calendar for any Kodava cultural events or festivals happening during your visit. These events showcase traditional dance forms, music, and rituals, providing a deeper understanding of the rich Kodava culture.


Madikeri, with its blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural richness, offers a diverse range of experiences for every traveler. Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or a cultural exploration, Madikeri has something to offer. So, pack your bags, embark on this journey, and uncover the hidden gems of this charming hill station.

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