15 Things To Do In Manikaran

Things To Do In Manikaran

Nestled in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Manikaran is a hidden gem that beckons travelers seeking a blend of spirituality, adventure, and natural beauty. Renowned for its hot springs, religious significance, and picturesque landscapes, Manikaran offers a plethora of activities for those looking to escape the mundane. Let’s explore the enchanting town and discover the things that make Manikaran a must-visit destination.

Things To Do In Manikaran

  1. Dip into the Sacred Hot Springs:

Manikaran is famed for its natural hot springs, believed to possess healing properties. The town is dotted with public baths where visitors can immerse themselves in the warm, mineral-rich waters. The experience is not only relaxing but also culturally significant, as many believe that a dip in these sacred springs cleanses the body and soul.

  1. Visit the Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib:

A significant pilgrimage site for Sikhs and Hindus alike, Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib stands as a testament to the town’s religious diversity. The gurudwara’s langar, or community kitchen, serves free meals to all visitors, promoting the spirit of selfless service and inclusivity.

  1. Explore the Ram Temple:

The town is also home to an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Rama. The intricate architecture and serene surroundings make it a peaceful spot for meditation and introspection. The temple’s location, surrounded by towering mountains, adds to its mystical charm.

  1. Take a Stroll to the Shiva Temple:

Perched on a hill, the Shiva Temple in Manikaran offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Parvati Valley. The trek to the temple is both scenic and spiritual, providing an opportunity for adventure enthusiasts and devotees to connect with nature and the divine.

  1. Savor Local Delicacies:

Manikaran’s vibrant culture extends to its cuisine. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in local delicacies such as Sidu, a traditional bread, and Thenthuk, a noodle soup. The street food stalls offer a variety of snacks, including momos and local sweets, providing a gastronomic adventure for food lovers.

  1. Engage in Riverside Camping:

For the adventurous souls, camping along the banks of the Parvati River is an experience like no other. The rhythmic sound of flowing water combined with the crisp mountain air creates a perfect setting for camping under the stars. Several operators offer camping packages, providing a unique opportunity to connect with nature.

  1. Shop for Souvenirs:

Explore the local markets and shop for souvenirs that reflect the culture and craftsmanship of Manikaran. Handwoven shawls, traditional jewelry, and local spices make for perfect mementos to take back home.

  1. Trek to Kheerganga:

Embark on a trek to Kheerganga, a mesmerizing meadow surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush greenery. The journey takes you through dense forests, charming villages, and scenic landscapes, offering a rewarding experience for nature lovers. The panoramic views from the top, along with the natural hot water springs, make it a trekking paradise.

  1. Photography at Harinder Mountain:

Capture the breathtaking beauty of Harinder Mountain, known for its stunning landscapes and photogenic vistas. The changing hues of the sky during sunrise and sunset provide an ideal backdrop for photographers to showcase their skills. Don’t forget to explore different angles to capture the essence of this majestic mountain.

  1. Attend the Annual Manikaran Sahib Mela:

If your visit coincides with the annual Manikaran Sahib Mela, consider yourself fortunate. The festival, held in the month of April, attracts a multitude of devotees and features cultural performances, processions, and vibrant local markets. It’s an excellent opportunity to witness the region’s cultural richness and festive spirit.

  1. Experience White-Water Rafting in the Beas River:

For the adventure seekers, Manikaran offers the thrill of white-water rafting in the Beas River. The gushing waters and challenging rapids provide an adrenaline-pumping experience, making it a must-try activity for those seeking adventure amidst the scenic landscapes.

  1. Explore Malana Village:

Take a day trip to Malana, a unique and ancient village known for its distinct customs and traditions. The village is often referred to as the “Little Greece of Himachal” and is surrounded by lush cannabis fields. Engage with the locals, explore their way of life, and absorb the tranquility of this isolated gem.

  1. Participate in Yoga and Meditation Retreats:

Manikaran’s serene environment makes it an ideal destination for yoga and meditation enthusiasts. Several retreats and ashrams offer programs that focus on holistic well-being, allowing visitors to rejuvenate their minds and bodies amidst the Himalayan tranquility.

  1. Bird Watching at Parvati Valley:

The Parvati Valley is a haven for bird watchers, with its diverse range of avian species. Grab your binoculars and explore the rich biodiversity of the region, spotting colorful birds amidst the towering trees. The peaceful ambiance of the valley enhances the bird-watching experience.

  1. Enjoy Bonfires and Stargazing:

As the sun sets, gather around a bonfire at your campsite or accommodation. The clear mountain skies in Manikaran offer a spectacular view of the stars. Engage in stargazing sessions, identifying constellations and celestial bodies, creating unforgettable memories under the cosmic canopy.


Manikaran, with its harmonious blend of spirituality, adventure, and natural beauty, is a destination that leaves an indelible mark on every visitor. Whether you seek tranquility in the hot springs, spiritual solace in the temples, or excitement in the adventure activities, Manikaran has something for everyone. Plan your journey to this mystical town and unravel the secrets hidden within its majestic landscapes and cultural tapestry.

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