15 Things To Do In Mashobra

Things To Do In Mashobra

Nestled in the verdant folds of the Himalayas, Mashobra is a hidden gem that beckons travelers with its pristine natural beauty and a plethora of activities. This quaint town is not just a scenic escape but a vibrant playground for both the adventurous soul and those seeking tranquility. From thrilling outdoor sports to peaceful walks through lush landscapes, Mashobra offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to every taste. If you’re wondering about the best things to do in Mashobra, you’ve come to the right place. Prepare to explore the unspoiled charm of this beautiful destination through its activities that promise an unforgettable journey.

Things To Do In Mashobra

  1. Explore the Reserve Forest Sanctuary

Mashobra’s Reserve Forest Sanctuary is a haven for nature enthusiasts. This expansive area is one of the few places where you can walk through lush greenery while spotting rare flora and fauna. Take a guided tour to learn about the diverse ecosystems or enjoy a quiet picnic amidst the sounds of nature. The sanctuary offers various trails that cater to both beginners and seasoned hikers, making it a perfect spot for everyone looking to connect with nature.

  1. Visit the Wildflower Hall

Once the residence of Lord Kitchener, Wildflower Hall is now a luxurious heritage hotel that offers a glimpse into colonial history paired with modern luxury. Visitors can enjoy a guided tour of the property, savor a meal at their restaurant with panoramic views of the mountains, or indulge in a spa day. The architecture and the meticulously maintained gardens are a treat to explore, providing a perfect blend of history, elegance, and relaxation.

  1. Try Paragliding in the Himalayas

For the thrill-seekers, paragliding in Mashobra offers an exhilarating experience. Soar high above the majestic Himalayan ranges and enjoy breathtaking views of the valley below. The activity is supervised by certified professionals, ensuring safety for all participants. This is a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of Mashobra from a different perspective, making it a must-try for adventure lovers.

  1. Enjoy Horse Riding on Mashobra’s Trails

Horse riding in Mashobra is another fantastic way to explore the rugged terrain of the region. Suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike, local stables offer horseback tours that take you through scenic paths and open meadows. It’s a leisurely way to enjoy the outdoors, and you can choose from short rides to more extended trails depending on your comfort and time.

  1. Experience Local Culture at Mashobra Bazaar

Dive into the local culture at Mashobra Bazaar, where you can stroll through bustling streets filled with colorful stalls. Sample local delicacies, shop for handmade crafts, and interact with the friendly locals. The bazaar is the heartbeat of the town, offering insights into the daily lives and traditions of the people of Mashobra. It’s a cultural experience that brings you closer to the essence of this quaint town.

  1. Bird Watching at Craignano

Nature lovers will relish the opportunity to go bird watching at Craignano, a picturesque area located just a few kilometers from Mashobra. This spot is renowned for its dense forests and diverse avian population. Armed with a pair of binoculars, visitors can spot a variety of birds, from vibrant pheasants to majestic eagles. The area’s tranquil setting also makes it an ideal spot for nature photography or simply enjoying a quiet moment amidst the beauty of the wilderness.

  1. Camping Under the Stars

Mashobra offers several pristine locations perfect for setting up camp and enjoying a night under the stars. Whether you choose a guided camping tour or set up your own tent, the experience of sleeping in the fresh mountain air is unparalleled. Nighttime brings a serene silence broken only by the sounds of nature, making it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  1. Trekking to Shali Tibba

For those who enjoy a good hike, trekking to Shali Tibba is a must. This moderate trek leads to one of the highest peaks in the area, offering stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas. The trail passes through thick forests and local villages, providing a blend of natural beauty and cultural experience. The peak is a great spot for a picnic or simply to sit back and admire the vast landscapes of Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Apple Orchard Tours

Mashobra is surrounded by numerous apple orchards, and visiting one is a delightful experience. Many orchards offer tours that allow you to learn about the cultivation of apples and even participate in fruit picking during the harvest season. This is a great way to understand the local agricultural practices and enjoy fresh, juicy apples straight from the tree.

  1. Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Given its tranquil environment and natural beauty, Mashobra is an ideal location for yoga and meditation retreats. Several resorts and local groups offer sessions tailored to all experience levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Participating in a yoga or meditation session surrounded by the peaceful Himalayan landscape can be a profoundly rejuvenating experience.

  1. Cooking Classes with Local Cuisine

Immerse yourself in the culinary traditions of Himachal Pradesh by taking part in a cooking class. Local chefs or families often host these classes, teaching you how to prepare traditional dishes using local ingredients. It’s a hands-on way to learn about the region’s culture and flavors, plus you get to enjoy your delicious creations at the end of the class.

  1. Visit to Mahasu Devta Temple

Explore the spiritual side of Mashobra by visiting the Mahasu Devta Temple. This sacred site is dedicated to Lord Mahasu, a revered local deity, and is an important place of worship for the local community. The temple is known for its beautiful architecture and the peaceful ambiance that surrounds it, making it a perfect spot for contemplation and understanding local religious practices.

  1. Golfing at Naldehra

Just a short drive from Mashobra, the Naldehra Golf Course offers one of the most scenic golfing experiences in North India. This 18-hole course, surrounded by tall pine trees and panoramic mountain views, provides a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. Spend a day on the greens and enjoy the perfect blend of sport and natural beauty.

  1. River Rafting in the Sutlej

For adventure enthusiasts, river rafting in the Sutlej River offers an adrenaline-pumping experience. Organized tours provide all the necessary equipment and safety briefings before you head out to tackle the rapids. It’s a thrilling way to see the natural landscapes from a different vantage point and is perfect for groups seeking an exciting activity.

  1. Cultural Walks and Heritage Tours

Delve deeper into the rich history of the area with guided cultural walks and heritage tours. These tours typically cover historical landmarks, traditional homes, and significant sites around Mashobra and Shimla. Guides share stories and facts that bring the history of the region to life, making this a fascinating excursion for history buffs and curious travelers alike.


Mashobra, with its serene environment and array of engaging activities, truly offers something for everyone. Whether you are scaling the heights of Shali Tibba, weaving through the apple orchards, or simply enjoying a quiet moment in a local café, each experience enriches your visit. The variety of things to do in Mashobra makes it a perfect destination for families, solo travelers, and couples alike. As you plan your itinerary, consider these unique activities to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and natural beauty of Mashobra. Unquestionably, a trip here is bound to be filled with memorable moments that reflect the spirit of this enchanting town.

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