20 Things To Do In Miami

Things To Do In Miami

Welcome to the vibrant city of Miami, a dazzling playground of sandy beaches, azure waters, and sizzling cultural scenes. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, culture enthusiast, or simply in need of some leisurely downtime, Miami offers an eclectic array of activities that cater to every taste and age. From the historic streets lined with Art Deco buildings to the quiet escapes of lush gardens, there’s no shortage of things to do in Miami. This guide will take you through some of the city’s top attractions and hidden gems, ensuring that your visit is nothing short of unforgettable.

Things To Do In Miami

  1. Explore the Art Deco District

Miami’s iconic Art Deco District in South Beach is a visual feast. This historic area, known for its pastel-colored buildings and 1930s charm, offers a glimpse into a bygone era that defines much of Miami’s glamour. Walking tours are available to guide you through the architectural marvels, or you can explore at your own pace. Each building tells a story with its unique style and flamboyant details. The district is also home to vibrant nightspots and offers close proximity to the famous Miami Beach, making it a perfect starting point for a day of exploration and night of entertainment.

  1. Visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a breathtaking glimpse into America’s Gilded Age. Situated in the heart of Miami, this sprawling estate features a stunning Italian Renaissance-style villa surrounded by lush, meticulously maintained gardens with views of Biscayne Bay. As you stroll through the museum, you’ll be transported back in time with its art and furnishings from the 15th to the 19th centuries. The gardens are a tranquil retreat with beautifully sculpted hedges, serene water features, and hidden nooks that invite personal reflection or a peaceful picnic.

  1. Take a Boat Tour of Biscayne Bay

A boat tour of Biscayne Bay offers a refreshing perspective of Miami’s stunning coastal scenery. These tours provide spectacular views of Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, and the luxurious Star Island, famous for its celebrity homes. Options range from high-speed thrill rides to leisurely sunset cruises, catering to all tastes. Along the way, you might spot dolphins and manatees if you’re lucky. A boat tour not only allows you to enjoy the beautiful ocean and skyline but also gives you a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle that defines Miami.

  1. Experience the Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum showcasing large-scale works by some of the world’s best street artists. Located in the vibrant Wynwood neighborhood, this unique art installation has transformed the warehouse district into one of the hippest and most colorful districts in America. As you walk through the area, you’ll encounter an ever-changing canvas of murals that invite photography and introspection. The district also hosts a dynamic array of craft breweries, art galleries, and eclectic dining options, making it a must-visit for art lovers and foodies alike.

  1. Discover Little Havana

Little Havana is the heart of Miami’s Cuban diaspora and is bustling with Latin American cultures. Calle Ocho, the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare, is lined with markets, cigar shops, and cafes where live music fills the air. At the famous Versailles restaurant, you can sample authentic Cuban cuisine or enjoy a Cuban coffee among locals. The area’s cultural highlights include Domino Park, where residents gather to play dominos, and the numerous art galleries and theaters showcasing Hispanic art and performances. A visit to Little Havana is not just a fun excursion but a vibrant cultural education.

  1. Relax at South Beach

South Beach is not just a beach but a major entertainment destination with a vibrant atmosphere. Its pristine sandy shores are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and jet skiing. Beyond the beach, the Ocean Drive strip is famous for its well-preserved Art Deco architecture, trendy cafes, and bustling nightclubs. Whether you’re looking to relax in the sun or party till dawn, South Beach offers both tranquility and high energy, making it a must-visit location in Miami.

  1. Enjoy the Miami Seaquarium

Located on the island of Virginia Key, the Miami Seaquarium is a fascinating attraction that offers an up-close look at marine wildlife. This oceanarium is home to dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, and turtles, among other marine species. Visitors can enjoy educational and entertaining shows and presentations that highlight the intelligence and grace of these creatures. The Seaquarium also provides interactive experiences such as dolphin encounters that allow you to learn about marine conservation while having fun.

  1. Wander through the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is an extensive 83-acre botanic garden located in Coral Gables, showcasing a vast collection of rare tropical plants including palms, cycads, flowering trees, and vines. With its lush landscapes and innovative conservation programs, Fairchild offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The garden also hosts art exhibitions, festivals, and educational workshops, providing a rich cultural as well as natural experience.

  1. Visit Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is the largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida and a pioneer in the concept of open-air exhibits. This 750-acre zoo houses over 3,000 animals representing more than 500 species, many of which roam within large, cageless enclosures that mimic their natural habitats. A visit to Zoo Miami is not only fun but also educational, as it offers a unique opportunity to observe wildlife from around the world in an immersive setting.

  1. Stroll through the Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is a neighborhood dedicated to innovative fashion, art, architecture, and dining experiences. This vibrant area features over 130 art galleries, showrooms, creative services, architecture firms, luxury fashion stores, antiques dealers, eateries, and bars. Every second Saturday of the month, a community event called the Art & Design Night is held where galleries open their doors for public viewings and the streets fill with performances.

  1. Kayak at Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park, located in North Miami, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a variety of recreational activities including kayaking, paddleboarding, and mountain biking. The park’s calm waterways are ideal for kayaking, where you can explore the natural beauty of Florida’s largest urban park. Amidst the mangrove forests, you might spot wildlife such as manatees and a variety of bird species. For those who prefer land adventures, there are numerous biking trails ranging from beginner to challenging levels.

  1. Check Out the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

The Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is a contemporary art museum overlooking Biscayne Bay. The museum’s architecture, with hanging gardens and large-scale sculptures, is as striking as the modern and contemporary art it houses. PAMM offers a diverse collection from international artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, focusing on works from the Americas, Western Europe, and Africa. The museum also hosts dynamic educational programs, artist talks, and cultural events, making it a central hub for the arts in Miami.

  1. Attend a Miami Heat Game

Experience the excitement of NBA basketball by attending a Miami Heat game at the American Airlines Arena. The arena, located in downtown Miami, provides a thrilling atmosphere for sports fans with state-of-the-art facilities and enthusiastic crowds. Watching a game is not only about the sport but also the entertainment, including halftime shows and cheerleader performances. It’s a perfect outing for families or anyone looking to experience the local sports culture.

  1. Explore the Frost Science Museum

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a leading science museum in Miami, located in the heart of downtown’s Museum Park. This state-of-the-art facility includes a planetarium, aquarium, and interactive science exhibits. The museum’s aquarium spans three levels and provides an insight into South Florida’s aquatic ecosystems from the Everglades to the deep ocean. The planetarium offers mesmerizing shows using cutting-edge technology, making it a not-to-miss experience for science enthusiasts of all ages.

  1. Visit Jungle Island

Jungle Island, a popular interactive zoological park in Miami, offers visitors the chance to experience tropical birds, mammals, and reptiles up close. This park features engaging animal shows and informative exhibits. One of the highlights is the chance to interact directly with lemurs, sloths, and other exotic creatures. Located between downtown Miami and South Beach, Jungle Island is easily accessible and provides a fun-filled day for families and wildlife lovers.

  1. Sail on a Catamaran Cruise

Set sail on a catamaran cruise to experience Miami’s stunning coastline from the sparkling waters of Biscayne Bay. These cruises offer a blend of relaxation and adventure, providing spectacular views of the city skyline, Miami Beach, and the surrounding islands. Many cruises include options for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing, along with amenities like drinks and light snacks. It’s an ideal way to unwind and take in the scenic beauty with a refreshing ocean breeze.

  1. Tour the Deering Estate

The Deering Estate is a historical preserve and cultural hub located on the edge of Biscayne Bay. This estate offers a glimpse into early 20th century life in Miami, showcasing the rich history and environmental preservation efforts of the area. Visitors can explore grand buildings, native landscapes, and archaeological sites. The estate also hosts regular events including environmental education programs, art exhibitions, and seasonal festivals, making it a cultural treasure worth exploring.

  1. Attend the Miami International Film Festival

Film enthusiasts will enjoy attending the Miami International Film Festival, an annual event that brings the best of world cinema to the city. This festival showcases hundreds of cutting-edge films from around the globe, providing a platform for innovative and influential filmmakers. Attendees can view premieres, participate in workshops, and engage in discussions with directors and actors. It’s a cultural experience that offers insight into diverse perspectives through the art of film.

  1. Visit the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach

The Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach is a profoundly moving tribute to the millions of Jews who lost their lives during the Holocaust. The centerpiece is a striking sculpture of a human hand reaching out of the earth, surrounded by a series of panels that tell the story of the Holocaust through photos and narratives. This memorial serves as a place of reflection and education, offering visitors a space to understand the magnitude of this historical tragedy.

  1. Explore the Miami Children’s Museum

Located on Watson Island, the Miami Children’s Museum is a colorful, interactive space designed to inspire children with playful learning. The museum features a wide range of exhibits that allow children to explore arts, culture, community, and communication. From a cruise ship simulator to a music studio and a supermarket, each exhibit is designed to engage young minds in educational activities. It’s an ideal spot for families looking to entertain children with fun and enriching experiences.


Miami is a city that never fails to impress, with its unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and pulsating culture. Each attraction and activity mentioned in this guide highlights the diverse charm of this dynamic city. Whether you’ve explored the artistic murals of Wynwood Walls, relaxed on the iconic South Beach, or discovered wildlife at the Miami Seaquarium, Miami offers endless opportunities to create memorable experiences. So, pack your itinerary with these must-visit spots and enjoy everything that Miami has to offer. Remember, the magic of Miami extends far beyond its beaches; it’s a city that invites you to dive deep into its vibrant life, promising adventures that are as diverse as its landscape.

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