24 Things To Do In Patnitop

Things To Do In Patnitop

Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas in Jammu, Patnitop is a quaint hill station that promises a mix of serenity and adventure. Known for its scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere, it offers a perfect escape from the bustling city life. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a nature lover, or someone seeking spiritual solace, Patnitop provides a plethora of activities to cater to all interests. From thrilling outdoor sports to peaceful walks in nature, this destination has it all. In this blog post, we explore the top things to do in Patnitop, each promising to enrich your travel experience and create unforgettable memories.

Things To Do In Patnitop

  1. Explore Sanasar Lake

Sanasar Lake, often referred to as the mini Gulmarg, is a perfect spot for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. Located 20 km from Patnitop, this secluded area offers stunning panoramic views of lush greenery and the encompassing mountains. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful picnic by the lake, indulge in paragliding, or try their hand at rock climbing and rappelling. The serene environment, coupled with the gentle breeze skimming across the lake, provides a soothing experience that rejuvenates both mind and body.

  1. Take a Cable Car Ride at Skyview Patnitop

Experience the thrill of the highest ropeway in India at Skyview Patnitop. This cable car ride offers breathtaking views of the Shivalik Range of the Himalayas. As you ascend, the landscapes transform from lush greenery to the majestic snow-covered peaks in the winter months. Each gondola is equipped with modern safety features, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience. This aerial ride not only provides spectacular views but also access to various activities at the top, including restaurants, shopping, and hiking trails.

  1. Visit the Historic Sudh Mahadev Temple

This ancient temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is revered by devotees and attracts tourists for its spiritual significance and architectural beauty. Sudh Mahadev Temple is believed to be over 2800 years old and holds a mystical charm with legends linked to the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The temple complex is serene, surrounded by forests and the melodious sounds of the Devika River. Pilgrims and visitors can immerse themselves in the peaceful atmosphere and explore the ancient inscriptions and artifacts preserved here.

  1. Trekking in Nathatop

For adventure enthusiasts, Nathatop offers some of the best trekking opportunities in the region. The trek routes provide spectacular views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and dense pine forests. The air is fresh, and the paths are invigorating, perfect for both novice and experienced trekkers. Along the way, you can spot a variety of local flora and fauna, making it a great spot for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. The trek can be both challenging and rewarding, with the promise of unforgettable vistas and personal triumph.

  1. Winter Sports in Patnitop

During the winter months, Patnitop transforms into a snowy paradise, ideal for various winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding are popular activities that attract tourists looking for an adrenaline rush. The slopes are suitable for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts, and there are several trainers available to help you learn the basics of skiing. The crisp winter air and the thrill of gliding down the snow-covered slopes provide a vibrant and exhilarating experience.

  1. Baglihar Dam Visit

Experience the marvel of modern engineering at the Baglihar Dam, also known as the Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project. Located on the Chenab River, this dam is not only a crucial power generation hub but also a stunning sight to behold. Visitors can learn about the dam’s operations and its significance in generating hydroelectric power for the state. The surrounding area, with its expansive water body and mountainous backdrop, provides a picturesque setting for photography enthusiasts and casual sightseers alike.

  1. Bird Watching in Gaurikund

For nature lovers, Gaurikund offers an exceptional bird watching experience. This lesser-known destination near Patnitop is a haven for various species of birds, including some rare and migratory ones. Armed with binoculars and a bird guide, visitors can spend a peaceful day spotting and identifying different species, while enjoying the lush greenery and serene environment. This activity is perfect for those looking to connect with nature and enjoy a quiet day amidst the beauty of the wild.

  1. Golfing at Patnitop

Patnitop also boasts a beautifully maintained 9-hole golf course that offers enthusiasts a chance to play in one of the most scenic environments in northern India. The course is well-suited for players of all skill levels, providing a relaxed game experience with views of the surrounding hills and forests. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, playing a round here is a delightful way to spend your day.

  1. Shopping for Local Crafts

No visit to Patnitop is complete without exploring the local crafts. The area is known for its unique handicrafts, including exquisite wooden carvings, Pashmina shawls, and traditional Dogra jewelry. Visitors can stroll through the local markets to find these treasures, perfect for taking home as souvenirs or gifts. Shopping here supports the local artisans and provides a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

  1. Horse Riding at Padora Enclave

For a different kind of adventure, head to Padora Enclave, where you can enjoy horse riding through scenic trails. This activity is suitable for all ages and provides a fun way to explore the area’s natural beauty. Riding on horseback allows you to access parts of the terrain that might otherwise be difficult to reach, offering unique perspectives of Patnitop’s lush landscapes.

  1. Picnicking at Pine Forests

Lastly, take advantage of Patnitop’s expansive pine forests for a serene picnic day. These forests offer a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, with plenty of secluded spots perfect for a family picnic or a romantic getaway. The cool shade of the tall pine trees and the soft sound of the wind rustling through the needles create a peaceful ambiance, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  1. Meditation and Yoga Retreats

Patnitop is an ideal location for those seeking mental and spiritual wellness through meditation and yoga. Various resorts and retreat centers offer programs that cater to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. These sessions are usually held in the open, surrounded by dense forests and the soothing sounds of nature, providing the perfect backdrop for rejuvenation and self-reflection.

  1. Bhaderwah Valley Excursion

A day trip to the nearby Bhaderwah Valley can be a delightful addition to your Patnitop itinerary. Known as “Mini Kashmir,” this valley is famed for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant meadows, and crystal-clear streams. Visitors can explore the quaint villages, engage with local communities, and discover the diverse flora and fauna. The valley also hosts several festivals that showcase the rich traditions and colorful heritage of the region.

  1. Camping Under the Stars

For the more adventurous, camping under the starlit sky can be an unforgettable experience. Patnitop offers several safe and scenic camping sites where visitors can set up tents and enjoy a night under the stars. These sites often provide facilities such as campfires, barbecue setups, and guided night walks, making it a fun and exciting way to connect with nature.

  1. Culinary Tour of Local Cuisine

Indulge in the flavors of Jammu at Patnitop by taking a culinary tour. Local eateries and roadside dhabas offer a taste of authentic Dogri cuisine, including dishes like Rajma Chawal, Aloo Dum, and the celebrated Kaladi cheese. Food tours not only please the palate but also offer insights into the culinary traditions and techniques unique to the region.

  1. Photography Workshops

Given its scenic vistas and captivating natural beauty, Patnitop is a fantastic location for photography enthusiasts. Several local photographers and tour operators offer workshops that teach techniques for capturing landscapes, wildlife, and cultural events. These workshops cater to all levels of experience, providing hands-on guidance to help you take stunning photographs that capture the essence of Patnitop.

  1. Heritage Walk in Kud

Take a heritage walk through Kud, a small town just short of Patnitop. This walk gives visitors a glimpse into the area’s colonial past and its evolution over the years. Kud is also famous for its sweet shop that sells Patisa, a must-try local delicacy. The heritage walk combines cultural insights with delightful culinary stops, making it an enriching experience.

  1. Paragliding at Dawariyai

Experience the thrill of flying as you take off from Dawariyai, a popular point for paragliding in Patnitop. This activity offers an adrenaline rush like no other, providing a bird’s eye view of the beautiful landscapes below. The paragliding services are available with trained professionals who ensure safety and an unforgettable flight, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned thrill-seekers.

  1. Explore the Mantalai Temple

A visit to the Mantalai Temple, surrounded by thick deodar forests, is a journey into the spiritual heart of Patnitop. This sacred site is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati. The temple complex is not only a place of worship but also a site of immense natural beauty and tranquility. It’s an ideal spot for meditation and for those who seek peace away from the busyness of daily life.

  1. Mountain Biking

For those who crave a bit of adventure mixed with sport, mountain biking in Patnitop offers rugged trails and exciting terrains. The region’s varied landscape provides an excellent opportunity for mountain bikers to challenge themselves while enjoying scenic vistas. There are several trails designed for different skill levels, and bikes are available for rent at multiple locations around Patnitop.

  1. Attend Local Festivals

Participating in local festivals can give visitors a deep insight into the culture and traditions of the region. Festivals like Lohri, Baisakhi, and the annual Patnitop festival are celebrated with great enthusiasm, featuring folk dances, music, and traditional cuisines. These festivals are vibrant, colorful, and offer a fantastic opportunity for visitors to engage with the local community.

  1. Nature Walks in Shiva Garh

Embark on a nature walk to Shiva Garh, which is about 11 km from Patnitop at an elevation of about 3500 meters. This trek is moderately challenging and takes you through beautiful landscapes filled with wildflowers and a chance to witness the local wildlife. It’s a perfect activity for nature lovers and those who enjoy photography.

  1. Jeep Safari to Seoj Meadow

Organize a jeep safari to the enchanting Seoj Meadow, a lesser-known gem near Patnitop. The meadow is lush with greenery during the summers and covered with snow during the winters, making it a year-round attraction. The safari route offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and is often complemented by sightings of local fauna.

  1. Relax at Kud Park

Unwind in the tranquil settings of Kud Park, a beautifully maintained area perfect for families and solo travelers alike. The park is ideal for leisurely walks, reading, or simply enjoying a quiet afternoon amidst nature. It’s also a great spot for picnics, with several quaint spots to sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.


Patnitop is a treasure trove of activities set in the heart of nature’s splendor, making it a perfect destination for all types of travelers. With its diverse range of activities—from paragliding across clear blue skies to meditative walks through dense pine forests, and from cultural immersion during local festivals to tranquil moments beside ancient temples—Patnitop offers something for everyone. Whether you’re planning a short getaway or a prolonged retreat, the myriad things to do in Patnitop ensure that every moment spent here contributes to a rejuvenating and joyous vacation. So pack your bags, and prepare to explore the enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture of Patnitop, where every path leads to discovery and every view paints a picture worth cherishing.

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