15 Things to Do in Pune

Things to Do in Pune

Pune, also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is a bustling city located in western India. This vibrant city has a rich history, beautiful architecture, and an array of cultural and natural attractions that make it a popular tourist destination. From historic landmarks to delicious food, Pune has something for everyone. In this blog post, we will explore the top things to do in Pune, so let’s get started!

Things to Do in Pune

  1. Visit the Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace is a historical landmark that played a significant role in India’s freedom struggle. It was built in 1892 by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in Pune. The palace served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba Gandhi, during the Quit India Movement in 1942. Today, it is a museum and a popular tourist attraction that showcases the history of the palace and the Indian freedom struggle.

  1. Explore the Shaniwar Wada Fort

Shaniwar Wada is a historical fortification located in the heart of Pune city. It was built by the Peshwas in the 18th century and served as the seat of the Peshwa rulers until its destruction in 1828. Today, the fort is a popular tourist attraction that showcases the rich history and architecture of the Maratha Empire.

  1. Take a stroll in the Osho Ashram

The Osho Ashram is a spiritual center located in Pune. It was founded by the Indian mystic Osho, who was known for his teachings on meditation and spiritual growth. The ashram offers a range of programs and activities for spiritual seekers, including meditation sessions, workshops, and talks.

  1. Visit the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

The Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is a private museum located in Pune. It was founded by the collector Raja Dinkar Kelkar in memory of his son, who died at a young age. The museum houses an impressive collection of over 20,000 artifacts, including paintings, sculptures, musical instruments, and textiles, showcasing the cultural heritage of India.

  1. Explore the Pataleshwar Cave Temple

The Pataleshwar Cave Temple is an ancient rock-cut temple located in Pune. It was built in the 8th century and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is known for its unique architecture, which includes a circular chamber with a Shiva lingam and several sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses.

  1. Enjoy the view from Parvati Hill

Parvati Hill is a hillock located in Pune that offers a panoramic view of the city. It is home to several temples, including the Parvati Temple, which is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Parvati. Visitors can enjoy a scenic hike up the hill and explore the temples and the surrounding gardens.

  1. Visit the Shinde Chhatri

The Shinde Chhatri is a historical monument located in Pune. It was built in the 18th century in honor of Mahadji Shinde, a Maratha warrior who played a significant role in the battles against the British. The monument features intricate carvings and a beautiful dome-shaped structure that is visible from afar.

  1. Indulge in local street food

Pune is known for its delicious street food, which includes a variety of snacks and dishes that are popular among locals and tourists alike. Some must-try dishes include the vada pav, misal pav, bhel puri, and pav bhaji, which are available at various street stalls and food joints across the city.

  1. Visit the Pashan Lake

Pashan Lake is a scenic freshwater lake located in Pune. It is a popular spot for bird watching and nature lovers can also enjoy a peaceful walk along the lake’s shoreline. The lake is surrounded by a lush green forest that provides a picturesque backdrop.

  1. Experience the nightlife

Pune has a vibrant nightlife that offers something for everyone. From rooftop bars and nightclubs to live music venues and theaters, there are plenty of options to explore. Some popular nightlife spots include High Spirits, Euriska, The Fish Bowl, and Shisha Jazz Cafe.

  1. Visit the Katraj Snake Park

Katraj Snake Park is a popular attraction located in Pune. It is home to a variety of snakes, including cobras, pythons, and vipers, as well as other reptiles and amphibians. Visitors can learn about the different species and their habitats through interactive exhibits and guided tours.

  1. Take a day trip to Lonavala

Lonavala is a scenic hill station located about 65 km from Pune. It is known for its lush greenery, waterfalls, and natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy a scenic drive through the hills, visit popular attractions such as the Bhushi Dam and the Karla Caves, and indulge in local snacks and sweets such as chikki and fudge.

  1. Attend a cultural event

Pune is a cultural hub that hosts several festivals and events throughout the year. Some popular events include the Pune International Film Festival, the Sawai Gandharva Music Festival, and the Pune Wine Festival. Visitors can experience the local culture and traditions through these events and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

  1. Shop at the local markets

Pune has several local markets that offer a unique shopping experience. From traditional handicrafts and clothing to fresh produce and spices, visitors can find a variety of items at these markets. Some popular markets include the Tulsi Baug Market, the Mahatma Phule Mandai, and the Juna Bazaar.

  1. Visit the Darshan Museum

The Darshan Museum is a unique museum located in Pune that offers a multimedia experience of the life and teachings of Sadhu T.L. Vaswani. Visitors can learn about his philosophy and values through audio-visual exhibits and interactive displays.

In conclusion, Pune is a city that offers a mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. With its vibrant atmosphere, delicious food, and range of attractions, it is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to India. Whether you’re interested in history, spirituality, nature, or food, Pune has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Pune today and experience all that this beautiful city has to offer!

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