20 Things To Do In Antalya

Things To Do In Antalya

Welcome to Antalya, a city where history, culture, and nature blend seamlessly to offer an unforgettable Mediterranean adventure. Nestled on Turkey’s turquoise coast, Antalya is not just a scenic beauty but a vibrant hub of activities, attracting travelers with its charming blend of ancient architecture, stunning landscapes, and lively festivals. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or cultural explorer, Antalya has something exciting to offer. In this blog post, we explore a wide variety of “Things to Do in Antalya,” ensuring you make the most of your visit to this enchanting city.

Things To Do In Antalya

  1. Explore Kaleiçi: The Historic Old Town

Kaleiçi, the heart of Antalya, is a historical marvel with its narrow, cobblestone streets and Ottoman-era architecture. This old town is a maze of charming shops, quaint cafes, and traditional restaurants. Take a leisurely walk and soak in the atmosphere, perhaps stopping to enjoy a Turkish coffee or to pick up some local handicrafts. The area is also home to the ancient Roman gate, Hadrian’s Gate, and the old Roman harbor, which has been transformed into a bustling marina. Kaleiçi is not just a place to see; it’s a place to be experienced, offering a perfect blend of the past and the present.

  1. Visit Düden Waterfalls

Located just outside Antalya city, Düden Waterfalls are a natural wonder that is easily accessible for a refreshing day out. The waterfalls plunge into the Mediterranean from a rocky cliff into the sea. Visitors can explore the upper and lower falls, both of which provide picturesque views perfect for photography. The park around the falls offers picnic areas, a small cafe, and pathways that allow for pleasant walks close to the water. The sound of cascading water, combined with the lush greenery, creates a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  1. Sunbathe at Konyaaltı Beach

Stretching over 7 kilometers, Konyaaltı Beach is one of Antalya’s largest and most popular pebble beaches. Backed by the dramatic Taurus Mountains, it offers stunning views and crystal-clear waters, making it a favorite for both locals and tourists. The beach is well-equipped with amenities including sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, and a variety of water sports facilities. Nearby, the Beach Park features numerous cafes, snack bars, and restaurants. Whether you’re looking to relax in the sun, enjoy a swim, or try some water sports, Konyaaltı Beach offers a perfect seaside retreat.

  1. Discover the Antalya Archaeological Museum

The Antalya Archaeological Museum is one of Turkey’s largest museums and offers a deep dive into the region’s rich history. The museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts from the Paleolithic age to Byzantine times, including stunning statues from Perge and mosaics from Seleucia. The exhibits are well-organized and provide insights into the area’s historical progression. For history buffs, this museum is a treasure trove that provides context to the ancient sites they see around the city. Even those with a passing interest in history will find the displays captivating and informative.

  1. Take a Cable Car Ride to Tahtalı Mountain

For breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Antalya’s rugged landscape, take a cable car ride to the summit of Tahtalı Mountain. Standing over 2,365 meters high, Tahtalı offers one of the most stunning panoramas in Turkey. The journey in the cable car itself is thrilling as you ascend over forests and cliffs. At the top, visitors can enjoy hiking, paragliding, or simply relax at the café while soaking in the majestic views. This experience is perfect for those looking to add a touch of adventure to their trip.

  1. Wander Through the Antalya Bazaar

Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the Antalya Bazaar for a taste of local life. This bustling market is the ideal place to hunt for souvenirs, from traditional Turkish carpets to handmade jewelry and spices. The bazaar is not just a shopping destination but a sensory experience, with colorful stalls, aromatic scents, and the lively chatter of vendors and shoppers. It’s a wonderful spot to try some local street food, including kebabs and Turkish delight, providing a true flavor of the region.

  1. Enjoy a Boat Tour of the Turkish Riviera

A boat tour is a must-do when visiting Antalya, offering a different perspective of the Turkish Riviera’s stunning coastline. These tours can take you to secluded beaches, hidden caves, and ancient ruins accessible only by water. Options range from half-day excursions to sunset cruises, often including opportunities for swimming and snorkeling in the clear blue waters. A boat trip not only provides relaxation and scenic views but also a chance to learn about the maritime history and natural beauty of the area.

  1. Visit Aspendos Theatre

One of the best-preserved ancient theatres in the world, Aspendos Theatre is a remarkable example of Roman architectural ingenuity. Built in the 2nd century AD, this theatre boasts a capacity of about 15,000 people and is still used today for performances and festivals. A visit here offers a glimpse into the past, with the stunning architecture and the immense scale of the auditorium. Exploring Aspendos Theatre is like stepping back in time, and it’s especially magical if you can catch a live performance in this historic setting.

  1. Relax in Karaalioğlu Park

Karaalioğlu Park is one of Antalya’s largest and most beautiful parks, located near Kaleiçi. This expansive green space offers panoramic views of the Gulf of Antalya and is dotted with monuments, playgrounds, and walking paths. The park is a favorite among locals for picnics and strolls, especially in the late afternoon when the sunset paints the sky. With its lush gardens, shady palms, and tranquil atmosphere, Karaalioğlu Park is a perfect place to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

  1. Experience the Nightlife in Lara

For those looking to experience Antalya’s vibrant nightlife, Lara district offers an array of options. From beach clubs and bars to high-end restaurants, Lara comes alive at night with music and entertainment. The area is particularly famous for its stylish beach clubs, where you can enjoy cocktails, dance under the stars, or simply relax by the sea. Whether you’re looking for a lively party scene or a cozy spot to spend the evening, Lara provides a glamorous night out.

  1. Take a Day Trip to Olympos and Chimera

For those intrigued by mythology and nature, a day trip to Olympos and the Chimera flames is an exceptional experience. Olympos, once an ancient city, is now a picturesque ruin surrounded by a lush national park leading down to a stunning beach. Just a short hike from Olympos, the Chimera, or Yanartaş (‘burning stone’), is a fascinating natural phenomenon where flames mysteriously flicker from vents in the rock. Local legend ties these eternal flames to the myth of the Chimera, a fire-breathing monster. This combination of history, myth, and natural beauty offers a day trip filled with discovery and enchantment.

  1. Experience Sea Kayaking in Kekova

Kekova, a small island near Antalya, offers a unique opportunity for sea kayaking. Here, adventurers can paddle over sunken ruins from ancient civilizations, visible through the clear turquoise waters. This tranquil area, free from motorized boats, provides a serene setting to explore the coastline dotted with ruins, including partially submerged houses and ancient harbors. Kayaking in Kekova not only gives a peek into the past but also offers a peaceful way to connect with the stunning natural environment of the Turkish coast.

  1. Visit the Sandland Sculpture Festival

Antalya’s Sandland is an internationally renowned sculpture festival featuring large-scale works crafted entirely from sand. Located on Lara Beach, this open-air museum displays intricate sculptures made by artists from around the world, each year following a different theme. Themes often draw on mythology, history, or popular culture, creating a fascinating gallery of ephemeral art. Sandland isn’t just for viewing; it also hosts workshops and night tours, where the sculptures are beautifully illuminated, offering a magical experience for visitors of all ages.

  1. Explore the Antalya Aquarium

The Antalya Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world and provides an immersive experience into marine life. The aquarium features a long tunnel aquarium, offering views of the vibrant sea creatures swimming overhead. Visitors can see everything from sharks and rays to tropical fish. The complex also includes a snow room and a tropical reptile house, providing educational fun for the entire family. The Antalya Aquarium is an excellent attraction for those looking to learn about marine biodiversity in a spectacular setting.

  1. Hike in the Taurus Mountains

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Taurus Mountains offer exhilarating hiking opportunities with breathtaking views. The mountain range provides trails for all levels, ranging from easy walks to challenging treks. Hiking through this landscape, you’ll encounter pine forests, mountain streams, and traditional villages that seem unchanged by time. The region is also popular for its endemic wildlife and springtime wildflowers. A hike in the Taurus Mountains is not just a physical activity but a profound way to connect with the natural beauty of Antalya’s hinterlands.

  1. Attend the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Film enthusiasts should not miss the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, one of the most significant film festivals in Turkey. Held annually in the fall, this event showcases a wide array of Turkish and international films, celebrating both new talent and established filmmakers. The festival includes screenings, panel discussions, and workshops, making it a cultural hub for cinema lovers. The vibrant atmosphere and the chance to meet artists and directors add to the immersive experience, providing insights into the world of filmmaking.

  1. Play Golf in Belek

Belek, just a short drive from Antalya, is renowned for its world-class golf courses. With more than a dozen high-end courses designed by famous names in golf, Belek offers lush greens and challenging fairways suitable for both beginners and seasoned golfers. The area’s mild climate allows for year-round golfing, making it a perfect destination for sports enthusiasts looking to play in a picturesque setting. Many of these courses are part of larger resorts, offering luxurious accommodations and other amenities for a comprehensive golfing holiday.

  1. Explore Termessos Ruins

Perched in the mountains northwest of Antalya, the ancient city of Termessos offers a dramatic and thrilling exploration site. Unlike other ruins in the area, Termessos is not as extensively excavated, providing a more rugged and adventurous experience. The site includes a well-preserved theatre, several temples, and tombs, all nestled within a national park that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The hike to Termessos is steep and challenging but rewards visitors with its natural beauty and historical aura, making it a memorable day trip for adventurous travelers.

  1. Visit the Antalya Toy Museum

The Antalya Toy Museum is a delightful destination for families and anyone interested in toys and nostalgia. Located in the heart of Antalya, this museum displays a vast collection of toys from around the world, dating from the 1860s to today. The exhibits include everything from traditional Turkish toys to classic European and American toys, each telling a story of the cultural and technological changes over time. The museum not only entertains but also educates, providing insights into the social history through the lens of play.

  1. Scuba Diving off Kemer

Kemer, a seaside resort southwest of Antalya, offers some of the best scuba diving spots in Turkey, with crystal-clear waters and a rich underwater world. Divers can explore a variety of dive sites, including reefs, caves, and wrecks, inhabited by a diverse range of marine life. For the more adventurous, there are opportunities to dive in areas with archaeological underwater ruins, offering a rare glimpse into ancient civilizations. Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver, the diving in Kemer provides an exceptional adventure under the sea.


As we’ve seen, Antalya is a treasure trove of diverse attractions and activities that cater to every interest and age group. From the ancient ruins whispering tales of yore to the pristine beaches and dynamic cultural festivals, each experience enriches your understanding and appreciation of this vibrant city. Whether you choose to dive into the depths of the sea or soar over mountains, each moment spent in Antalya promises lasting memories. So pack your bags and set off for an adventure in Antalya, where every corner holds a new discovery waiting to be explored. Remember, the list of “Things to Do in Antalya” we’ve shared is just the beginning of what this fantastic city has to offer.

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