19 Things To Do In Bhimtal

Things To Do In Bhimtal

Nestled in the serene foothills of the Himalayas, Bhimtal is a quaint town that offers a treasure trove of activities for travelers seeking a blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation. Known for its magnificent lake and lush green surroundings, Bhimtal promises an array of experiences that cater to all tastes and ages. From thrilling outdoor activities to peaceful retreats into nature, this guide will uncover the top things to do in Bhimtal, ensuring your visit is both memorable and exhilarating. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a solo adventure, or a romantic getaway, Bhimtal has something special for everyone.

Things To Do In Bhimtal

  1. Boating in Bhimtal Lake

Embark on a peaceful boat ride across Bhimtal Lake, the town’s centerpiece. This large, beautiful lake features an island at its center, which is accessible by boat. The calm waters reflect the vivid greenery surrounding them, making for a perfect setting to relax. Boating here isn’t just a leisure activity; it’s a way to embrace the tranquility of nature while enjoying stunning views of the surrounding hills.

  1. Exploring the Bhimtal Island Aquarium

The island in the middle of Bhimtal Lake hosts a fascinating aquarium, which was once a restaurant. This small, charming facility houses a variety of fish species, providing insight into aquatic life. Visiting the aquarium is a great educational activity for families, offering children a glimpse into the biodiversity of freshwater habitats. The short boat trip to the island adds to the adventure, making it a must-visit spot in Bhimtal.

  1. Hiking to Karkotaka Hill

For those who seek adventure, a hike to Karkotaka Hill promises exhilarating views and a touch of mystique. Legend has it that the hill is named after the serpent god, Karkotaka, who is said to have significant mythological importance. The hike is moderately challenging, making it suitable for most fitness levels. At the summit, you are rewarded with panoramic views of Bhimtal Lake and the surrounding countryside—a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.

  1. Visiting the Victoria Dam

Located at the end of Bhimtal Lake, Victoria Dam features a splendid terraced flower garden that is a visual treat, especially during the blooming season. The area around the dam is ideal for picnics and leisurely walks, allowing visitors to enjoy the peaceful environment and scenic beauty. The dam itself is an impressive structure, offering a backdrop for some memorable photographs. It’s a great place to appreciate both man-made and natural beauty in harmony.

  1. Bird Watching at Bhimtal

Bhimtal is a haven for bird enthusiasts. The dense forests and the lake attract numerous species of migratory and indigenous birds. Early mornings are the best time to spot these feathered creatures. Equip yourself with a pair of binoculars and a bird guidebook to enhance your bird-watching experience. Common sightings include the red-billed blue magpie, the Himalayan kingfisher, and the white-throated laughingthrush. This activity not only relaxes the mind but also educates visitors about the local wildlife.

  1. Shopping at Local Markets

No visit to Bhimtal is complete without exploring its local markets. The markets in Bhimtal offer a variety of goods from intricately designed Kumaoni jewellery to handcrafted home décor items. Shopping here supports local artisans and provides visitors with a chance to take a piece of Bhimtal’s culture back home. The vibrant atmosphere and the friendly locals make shopping a delightful experience.

  1. Relaxing at Sattal Lake

Just a short drive from Bhimtal is the pristine Sattal Lake, known for its unspoiled beauty and seven interconnected freshwater lakes. A day trip to Sattal is perfect for those who enjoy serenity and want to escape the more crowded locales. You can rent a kayak or a paddle boat to explore the lakes at your own pace. The surrounding dense forests of oak and pine offer numerous trails for hiking and bird watching, making it a nature lover’s paradise.

  1. Discover the Folk Culture at Folk Culture Museum

Gain insight into the local culture at the Folk Culture Museum in Bhimtal, which showcases the arts, crafts, and traditions of the Uttarakhand region. The museum displays a collection of traditional artifacts, paintings, and photographs that tell the story of the local people and their history. Visiting this museum is a great opportunity to learn about the Kumaoni lifestyle and appreciate the region’s rich heritage.

  1. Trekking to Nal Damyanti Tal

For the adventurous souls, a trek to Nal Damyanti Tal is a must. This small, sacred lake, surrounded by dense forest, is steeped in legends and local folklore. The trek to the lake is refreshing and offers a tranquil retreat away from the bustling tourist spots. The lake’s serene environment makes it an ideal spot for meditation and soul-searching.

  1. Dining at Local Cafes

Experience the local cuisine at one of the many cafes and restaurants in Bhimtal. These eateries offer a range of dishes that highlight the flavors of the region. From freshly made local breads like mandua ki roti to traditional dishes such as bhatt ki churkani, dining in Bhimtal allows you to taste the culinary delights of Kumaon while enjoying views of the lake and surrounding hills.

  1. Paragliding Over the Kumaon Hills

For a thrilling aerial view of Bhimtal and its surrounding landscapes, try paragliding over the Kumaon Hills. The experience is exhilarating as you soar like a bird, with panoramic views of the lush greenery and water bodies below. Paragliding centers in Bhimtal offer tandem flights, making it safe and enjoyable even for beginners.

  1. Attending Local Festivals

If your visit coincides with local festivals like Harela or Nanda Devi Raj Jat, don’t miss the opportunity to partake in the celebrations. These festivals are vibrant, with traditional music, dance, and a plethora of local cuisine. Participating in these festivities can offer deep insight into the cultural fabric of Bhimtal and provide an unforgettable experience.

  1. Camping by the River

For a night under the stars, consider camping along the banks of the river near Bhimtal. There are several organized campsites where you can either pitch your own tent or rent one. These sites often offer bonfires, barbecues, and night walks. It’s a perfect way for families, couples, or solo travelers to connect with nature and enjoy the peaceful riverside ambiance.

  1. Visit to Ghorakhal Temple

Dedicated to Golu Devta, an incarnation of Lord Shiva revered by the local people, Ghorakhal Temple provides a peaceful and spiritual retreat. The temple is known for its bells, hung by devotees as offerings for wishes to be fulfilled. The location also offers spectacular views of the nearby valleys and mountains, making it a spiritual as well as a scenic visit.

  1. Butterfly Research Centre

Explore the Butterfly Research Centre, which is a hub for conservation and study of butterfly species native to the region. This center not only provides insights into the life cycle and preservation of butterflies but also lets you walk through beautifully maintained gardens where these colorful creatures flutter freely. It’s an enchanting experience for nature enthusiasts and families alike.

  1. Mountain Biking on Bhimtal Trails

Adventure sports enthusiasts can take on the rugged trails around Bhimtal on mountain bikes. The terrain here offers a mix of challenges for both beginners and experienced bikers. Several local outfitters provide mountain bikes for rent and even guided tours that take you through some of the most scenic routes around the hills.

  1. Yoga and Wellness Retreats

Partake in a rejuvenating experience at one of Bhimtal’s yoga and wellness retreats. These centers offer sessions in yoga, meditation, and holistic health practices led by experienced instructors against the backdrop of the tranquil Himalayan landscape. It’s a perfect way to unwind and reset your mind and body.

  1. Exploring the Cave Gardens

Just a short drive from Bhimtal, the Cave Gardens in Nainital offer a fun and adventurous outing. This network of interconnected rocky caves and hanging gardens is a thrill to explore. With paths and lighting set up throughout the caves, visitors can safely navigate and enjoy the unique geology and layout.

  1. Photography Workshops

With its beautiful landscapes and rich cultural scenes, Bhimtal is a great place for photography enthusiasts. Participate in a photography workshop where you can learn from professional photographers, enhance your skills, and capture the stunning beauty of Bhimtal and its surroundings.


As we have explored, Bhimtal is more than just a scenic getaway; it’s a destination filled with diverse activities that can enrich any traveler’s experience. From the thrill of paragliding and mountain biking to the tranquility of yoga retreats and river camping, each activity offers a unique way to connect with nature and local culture. The town’s charm is amplified by its spiritual sites, vibrant festivals, and the warm hospitality of its people. Remember, whether you’re capturing the beauty through your camera lens or sitting quietly by the lake, the things to do in Bhimtal can transform a simple holiday into a profound journey. So pack your bags and set off for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Uttarakhand!

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