25 Things To Do In Connaught Place At Night

Things To Do In Connaught Place At Night

Nestled in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, commonly known as CP, is a bustling hub of activity during the day. However, as the sun sets, this iconic circular market transforms into a vibrant nocturnal playground. From culinary delights to cultural experiences, here’s your comprehensive guide to the exciting things to do in Connaught Place at night.

Things To Do In Connaught Place At Night

  1. Dine under the Stars:

Connaught Place is a gastronomic haven, and the night only enhances its allure. Choose from a myriad of restaurants and rooftop cafes offering exquisite cuisine. Enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars or revel in the lively ambiance of open-air dining.

  1. Street Food Extravaganza:

Venture into the bylanes surrounding Connaught Place, where the street food scene comes alive at night. From spicy golgappas to mouth-watering kebabs, the local vendors serve up a diverse range of delectable treats. It’s a culinary adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

  1. Nightlife Hotspots:

CP boasts a thriving nightlife with an array of pubs, bars, and lounges. Unwind with a signature cocktail or dance the night away to pulsating beats. The lively atmosphere and diverse music genres cater to every taste, ensuring a memorable night out on the town.

  1. Late-Night Shopping:

For the shopaholics, Connaught Place has a unique charm after sunset. Some shops stay open late, allowing you to indulge in a leisurely bout of retail therapy. Whether it’s fashionable clothing, traditional artifacts, or quirky souvenirs, CP has something for everyone.

  1. Historical Stroll:

Experience the historical grandeur of Connaught Place under the soft glow of streetlights. The colonial architecture and iconic landmarks such as India Gate are even more enchanting at night. Take a leisurely stroll and absorb the rich history that surrounds you.

  1. Cultural Performances:

CP often hosts cultural events and performances after dark. Check out the schedule for live music, dance performances, or theater shows at venues like the Central Park or the various auditoriums in the area. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Delhi.

  1. Late-Night Cafés:

If you’re a night owl looking for a cozy place to unwind, Connaught Place has several 24-hour cafés. Sip on a cup of coffee or enjoy a midnight snack while engaging in conversations or catching up on work in the quiet ambiance.

  1. Attend a Comedy Show:

Check out the comedy clubs and venues in Connaught Place for a hearty dose of laughter. Many stand-up comedians grace the stages, ensuring an evening filled with humor and entertainment. Gather your friends for a night of laughter that will leave you in high spirits.

  1. Explore the Underground Pubs:

Connaught Place has a hidden gem – the underground pubs. These intimate spaces offer a unique experience, often with live music performances or DJ sets. Discover the charm of these lesser-known spots and dance the night away in a more secluded setting.

  1. Midnight Ice Cream Cravings:

Satiate your sweet tooth with a visit to the ice cream parlors that stay open late. Indulge in a variety of flavors and innovative desserts to cool off after a day of exploration. Whether you prefer classic sundaes or experimental concoctions, CP has it all.

  1. Night Markets:

Explore the vibrant night markets that occasionally pop up in Connaught Place. These markets offer an eclectic mix of products, from handmade crafts to trendy fashion items. The lively atmosphere and unique finds make for a delightful late-night shopping experience.

  1. Attend a Night Yoga Session:

Some wellness centers in Connaught Place organize night yoga sessions, providing a serene escape from the bustling city life. Join a late-night yoga class to rejuvenate your mind and body, surrounded by the calm ambiance of the night.

  1. Photography Expedition:

Capture the mesmerizing nightscapes of Connaught Place with a photography expedition. The illuminated facades, bustling streets, and the contrast of light and shadows create a captivating backdrop for photographers. It’s an excellent opportunity to hone your photography skills.

  1. Late-Night Gaming Arcades:

Unleash your competitive spirit at the gaming arcades that remain open until late in Connaught Place. Challenge your friends to a round of pool, foosball, or video games for a fun-filled night of friendly competition.

  1. Join a Night Cycling Tour:

For the adventure enthusiasts, consider joining a night cycling tour around Connaught Place and its surrounding areas. Pedal through the city streets as they quiet down, and experience the unique charm of Delhi at night.

  1. Attend Live Performances at Theatres:

Connaught Place is home to several theaters that host live performances, including plays, musicals, and dance shows. Plan a night out to catch a captivating performance and immerse yourself in the world of performing arts.

  1. Night Photography at India Gate:

Take a short stroll from Connaught Place to India Gate and indulge in night photography. The iconic structure is beautifully lit up, creating a stunning backdrop for your pictures. Capture the serene beauty of India Gate in the quietude of the night.

  1. Karaoke Nights:

Unleash your inner rockstar at one of the karaoke bars in Connaught Place. Gather your friends for a lively night of singing and dancing. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a first-timer, karaoke nights are bound to be filled with laughter and memorable moments.

  1. Late-Night Bookstore Visit:

Book lovers can explore the charm of the Bahrisons Booksellers and other bookstores that stay open late. Grab a cup of coffee from nearby cafes, find a cozy corner, and lose yourself in the world of literature.

  1. Night Cycling Rally:

Join a night cycling rally if you’re looking for a unique and adventurous experience. Some groups organize night cycling events that take you through the city’s landmarks, allowing you to see Connaught Place and its surroundings in a different light.

  1. Star Gazing at Jantar Mantar:

Visit the nearby Jantar Mantar for a celestial experience. The open space is ideal for star gazing, especially on clear nights. Bring a telescope or simply lay back and enjoy the night sky while marveling at the historical astronomical instruments.

  1. Late-Night Spa Session:

Pamper yourself with a late-night spa session in Connaught Place. Some wellness centers offer extended hours, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate with massages, facials, and other rejuvenating treatments after a day of exploration.

  1. Join a Night Food Tour:

For the food enthusiasts, embark on a guided night food tour of Connaught Place. Discover hidden gems and indulge in local delicacies as you explore the diverse culinary landscape of the area.

  1. Night Yoga and Meditation Sessions:

Some wellness centers and studios offer specialized night yoga and meditation sessions. Engage in a session of relaxation and mindfulness, surrounded by the calmness of the night.

  1. Late-Night Cultural Events at CP:

Keep an eye out for special cultural events that are occasionally held in Connaught Place after dark. This could include art exhibitions, poetry readings, or cultural festivals that add a touch of diversity to your night out.


Connaught Place, with its vibrant energy and diverse offerings, truly comes alive at night. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a history buff, or a partygoer, CP has something for everyone after the sun sets. Embrace the nocturnal charm of this iconic Delhi destination and create memories that will linger long after the night has faded away.

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