16 Things To Do In Kanthalloor

Things To Do In Kanthalloor

Nestled in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India, Kanthalloor is a hidden gem that beckons nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant orchards, and a tranquil environment, this picturesque destination offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. In this guide, we’ll explore the best things to do in Kanthalloor, ensuring you make the most of your visit to this enchanting haven.

Things To Do In Kanthalloor

  1. Marvel at the Blossoming Neelakurinji Flowers:

Every twelve years, the hills of Kanthalloor come alive with a spectacular display of Neelakurinji flowers. These purplish-blue blossoms carpet the entire region, creating a mesmerizing sight. Check the blooming schedule to witness this rare natural phenomenon and capture the beauty of the hills in full bloom.

  1. Visit the Anamudi Shola National Park:

Nature lovers will find solace in the Anamudi Shola National Park, a pristine expanse of tropical evergreen forests. Embark on trekking trails that wind through the park, offering glimpses of diverse flora and fauna. Keep an eye out for the Nilgiri tahr, a rare mountain goat that calls these hills home.

  1. Explore the Kanthalloor Orchard:

Kanthalloor is renowned for its vast orchards featuring a variety of fruits, including apples, oranges, plums, and peaches. Take a guided tour of the orchards, savoring the opportunity to pick and taste fresh, organic fruits. It’s an experience that engages your senses and provides insight into the region’s agricultural practices.

  1. Spend Serene Moments at the Kundala Arch Dam:

The Kundala Arch Dam is a captivating spot offering panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Pack a picnic and relax by the dam, taking in the tranquility of the area. Boat rides on the Kundala Lake are also available, providing a serene experience amidst nature’s beauty.

  1. Trek to Meesapulimala:

Adventure enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the chance to trek to Meesapulimala, the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats. The trek offers a challenging yet rewarding experience, with the summit providing breathtaking vistas of the Western Ghats and the lush landscapes below.

  1. Discover the Marayoor Sandalwood Forests:

A short drive from Kanthalloor will lead you to the Marayoor Sandalwood Forests. Explore the aromatic groves, learn about sandalwood cultivation, and purchase souvenirs such as sandalwood artifacts and oils. The unique experience adds a cultural touch to your nature-centric journey.

  1. Relish Local Cuisine and Culture:

Immerse yourself in the local culture by savoring traditional Kerala cuisine. Visit local eateries to try authentic dishes such as appam with stew, puttu and kadala curry, and the delectable Kerala sadhya. Engage with the friendly locals to learn more about their customs and traditions.

  1. Photography Expedition at Seethakundu Viewpoint:

Capture the ethereal beauty of the Western Ghats from the Seethakundu Viewpoint. The panoramic vistas of mist-covered hills, lush valleys, and meandering rivers make it a photographer’s paradise. Visit during sunrise or sunset for magical lighting conditions.

  1. Experience Homestay Hospitality:

To truly immerse yourself in the local culture, consider staying in one of Kanthalloor’s homestays. The warm hospitality of the hosts, coupled with authentic Kerala cuisine, provides a unique and personalized experience. Engage in conversations, learn traditional recipes, and make lasting connections.

  1. Attend the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Walks:

Explore the biodiversity of the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary through guided nature walks. The sanctuary is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the endangered grizzled giant squirrel. The eco-tourism initiatives here focus on sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation.

  1. Take a Stroll through the Pine Forests:

Kanthalloor is surrounded by enchanting pine forests that offer a peaceful retreat. Take a leisurely stroll through the pine-scented air, relishing the serene ambiance. The tall pine trees create a unique landscape, providing ample opportunities for introspection and relaxation.

  1. Participate in Organic Farming Activities:

Some homestays and farms in Kanthalloor offer visitors the chance to engage in organic farming activities. Experience the joy of planting, harvesting, or tending to crops, gaining hands-on knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices in the region.

  1. Bird Watching at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary:

A short drive from Kanthalloor, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Thattekad is a haven for bird enthusiasts. Embark on a bird-watching expedition and spot various species, including the vibrant Malabar parakeet and the elusive Ceylon frogmouth.

  1. Join Yoga and Meditation Retreats:

Harness the tranquility of Kanthalloor by participating in yoga and meditation retreats offered in the area. Surrounded by nature, these retreats provide an ideal setting to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

  1. Indulge in Waterfall Excursions:

Kanthalloor boasts several beautiful waterfalls, such as the Keezharkuthu Falls and the Thommankuthu Falls. Enjoy a day of exploration, trekking to these cascading wonders, and revel in the refreshing waters amidst lush greenery.

  1. Shop for Local Handicrafts:

Support local artisans by shopping for traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. Kanthalloor offers a range of handcrafted items, including bamboo products, handloom textiles, and intricate woodwork, providing unique mementos of your visit.


Kanthalloor, with its diverse attractions and natural wonders, offers a rejuvenating escape for travelers seeking tranquility and adventure. From blooming Neelakurinji flowers to thrilling treks and cultural experiences, this idyllic destination promises a memorable journey into the heart of nature. Embrace the charm of Kanthalloor, and let its beauty leave an indelible mark on your travel memories.

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