15 Things To Do In Lulu Mall

Things To Do In Lulu Mall

Lulu Mall, a shopping and entertainment haven, stands as a testament to the vibrant and dynamic lifestyle in the heart of the city. Nestled in the midst of urban hustle and bustle, this colossal mall offers an array of experiences that go beyond mere retail therapy. In this guide, we’ll delve into a diverse range of activities that make Lulu Mall a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

Things To Do In Lulu Mall

  1. Shopping Galore:

At the core of Lulu Mall’s allure lies its extensive shopping options. Boasting an impressive lineup of international and local brands, the mall caters to every taste and preference. From high-end fashion to budget-friendly finds, explore the sprawling floors and discover the latest trends in clothing, accessories, and electronics.

  1. Culinary Adventure:

Lulu Mall is a gastronomic paradise for food enthusiasts. With a multitude of restaurants, cafes, and food courts, the mall caters to diverse palates. Indulge in a culinary adventure by savoring global cuisines, from traditional Indian delicacies to international flavors. Don’t miss the chance to try out local specialties and unique fusion dishes that showcase the rich culinary diversity.

  1. Family Fun at Amusement Zones:

For families, Lulu Mall is not just about shopping – it’s an entertainment hub. The mall houses state-of-the-art amusement zones and gaming arcades that promise hours of fun for children and adults alike. From thrilling rides to interactive games, these zones are perfect for creating lasting memories with family and friends.

  1. Cultural Extravaganza:

Lulu Mall frequently hosts cultural events, live performances, and art exhibitions, turning the shopping experience into a cultural extravaganza. Check the mall’s event calendar to catch live music, dance performances, or art displays, adding a touch of sophistication and creativity to your visit.

  1. Wellness and Relaxation:

Escape the urban chaos by indulging in a rejuvenating spa day or a wellness retreat within the mall. Lulu Mall features spa and wellness centers that offer a range of services, from massages to beauty treatments. Pamper yourself and unwind in a serene atmosphere after a day of shopping and exploration.

  1. Movie Magic:

Experience the latest blockbuster in style at Lulu Mall’s modern and well-equipped cinema halls. Whether you’re a cinephile or just looking for a relaxing evening, catching a movie here is an immersive experience with top-notch audiovisual facilities and comfortable seating.

  1. Special Events and Promotions:

Stay tuned for special events and promotions that Lulu Mall frequently organizes. From festive celebrations to seasonal discounts, these events provide additional excitement and value to your shopping experience.

  1. Interactive Workshops and Classes:

Lulu Mall often hosts workshops and classes on various subjects, ranging from art and craft to fitness and wellness. Participate in hands-on sessions to unleash your creative side or learn a new skill. These workshops provide a unique opportunity to engage with experts and fellow enthusiasts while adding an educational dimension to your mall experience.

  1. Eco-Friendly Initiatives:

Discover Lulu Mall’s commitment to sustainability by engaging in eco-friendly initiatives. Some malls have initiatives like organic markets, recycling programs, or green spaces where visitors can learn about environmentally conscious practices. Explore these initiatives and gain insights into how Lulu Mall is contributing to a greener future.

  1. Virtual Reality Gaming:

Step into the future of gaming by trying out virtual reality experiences available at Lulu Mall. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or just curious about cutting-edge technology, the virtual reality gaming zones offer an immersive and exhilarating escape into a digital realm.

  1. Fashion Shows and Style Events:

Stay ahead of the fashion curve by attending fashion shows and style events hosted within Lulu Mall. Local and international designers often showcase their latest collections, providing fashion enthusiasts with an opportunity to witness runway trends and style inspirations firsthand.

  1. Networking Events:

Lulu Mall isn’t just a place for shopping; it’s also a social hub where networking events and business gatherings take place. Check the mall’s schedule for networking opportunities, business expos, and industry events that could open doors for professional connections and collaborations.

  1. Seasonal Festivals and Celebrations:

Join in the festive spirit by attending special events during holidays and cultural celebrations. Lulu Mall often transforms into a festive wonderland during occasions like Diwali, Christmas, or Eid, featuring themed decorations, live performances, and exclusive promotions.

  1. Photography Walks:

Capture the essence of Lulu Mall through the lens of your camera or smartphone. Many malls offer photography walks, allowing enthusiasts to explore the architecture, art installations, and vibrant atmosphere while honing their photography skills. Share your snaps on social media and join the mall’s photography community.

  1. Personalized Shopping Services:

Take advantage of personalized shopping services offered by Lulu Mall. Some malls provide personal shoppers who can assist you in curating the perfect wardrobe or finding unique gifts. Elevate your shopping experience with expert advice and tailored recommendations.


Lulu Mall transcends the conventional shopping mall concept, offering a multifaceted experience that caters to diverse interests. From retail therapy and culinary delights to family-friendly entertainment, cultural enrichment, and relaxation, Lulu Mall stands as a vibrant destination where shopping seamlessly intertwines with leisure and lifestyle. Visit this iconic mall and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities and experiences.

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