18 Things To Do In Mumbai Alone

Things To Do In Mumbai Alone

Mumbai, the bustling metropolis of India, is a city that never sleeps. While it is known for its vibrant street life, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks, exploring Mumbai alone can be a unique and enriching experience. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a local looking for some solo adventures, here’s a curated list of things to do in Mumbai alone.

Things To Do In Mumbai Alone

  1. Gateway of India and Marine Drive:

Start your solo exploration by visiting two of Mumbai’s most iconic landmarks – the Gateway of India and Marine Drive. The Gateway of India, a historic monument, offers a stunning view of the Arabian Sea. Walk along Marine Drive’s promenade, especially during sunset, to witness the city lights come alive.

  1. Chowpatty Beach:

A visit to Mumbai is incomplete without experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of Chowpatty Beach. Indulge in street food, fly a kite, or simply take a leisurely stroll along the beach. The relaxed ambiance makes it a perfect spot for solo introspection.

  1. Elephanta Caves:

Take a ferry from the Gateway of India to Elephanta Island and explore the ancient Elephanta Caves. Marvel at the intricately carved sculptures and reliefs dedicated to Lord Shiva. The boat ride and the historical significance of the caves offer a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle.

  1. Kala Ghoda Art Precinct:

For art enthusiasts, the Kala Ghoda Art Precinct is a must-visit. Explore the vibrant street art, visit galleries, and soak in the creative energy. The area hosts various cultural events, making it an ideal destination for solo travelers seeking a dose of artistic inspiration.

  1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park:

Escape the urban chaos by heading to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, located within the city limits. Embark on a solo trek to Kanheri Caves, an ancient Buddhist complex nestled amidst nature. The park also houses a rich variety of flora and fauna, providing a serene environment for solitary contemplation.

  1. Dhobi Ghat and Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat:

Witness the fascinating spectacle of Mumbai’s traditional laundry districts – Dhobi Ghat and Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat. Take a leisurely walk through these open-air laundries, where washermen (dhobis) have been handwashing clothes for decades. It’s a unique glimpse into the city’s daily life.

  1. Colaba Causeway Shopping:

Indulge in some retail therapy at Colaba Causeway, a bustling street market offering a diverse range of items – from fashionable clothing to antique jewelry. Bargain your way through the narrow lanes and pick up souvenirs to remember your solo Mumbai adventure.

  1. Mumbai’s Street Food Trail:

Savor the flavors of Mumbai through its renowned street food. From vada pav to pav bhaji, the city offers a gastronomic delight for solo travelers. Dive into the local culinary scene and try specialties at iconic spots like Mohammad Ali Road or the Khau Gallis.

  1. Haji Ali Dargah:

Visit the Haji Ali Dargah, a stunning mosque located on an islet in the Arabian Sea. Connected to the mainland by a causeway, this spiritual landmark offers a serene atmosphere, making it a perfect place for solitary reflection.

  1. Siddhivinayak Temple:

Seek blessings at the Siddhivinayak Temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha. As one of Mumbai’s most revered temples, it provides a peaceful setting for introspection and spiritual connection. The intricate architecture and devotional ambiance make it a must-visit.

  1. Street Photography in Bandra:

Explore the vibrant neighborhood of Bandra, known for its eclectic atmosphere and street art. Wander through the colorful lanes, capturing the essence of the local life with your camera. Bandra’s unique blend of tradition and modernity provides ample photo opportunities.

  1. Mumbai Film City Tour:

Take a guided tour of the renowned Film City in Goregaon. Explore the sets, studios, and behind-the-scenes action of Bollywood. The immersive experience is not only entertaining but also offers insights into the glamorous world of Indian cinema.

  1. Juhu Beach:

While known for its bustling crowd, Juhu Beach has pockets of tranquility, especially during weekdays. Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the shoreline, treat yourself to coconut water, and relish the solitude amidst the rhythmic sounds of the waves.

  1. Mumbai’s Public Gardens:

Find solace in the lush greenery of Mumbai’s public gardens. Whether it’s the Hanging Gardens in Malabar Hill or the serene Kamala Nehru Park, these green spaces offer a quiet retreat from the city’s hustle, making them ideal for solo contemplation.

  1. Chor Bazaar:

Dive into the treasure trove of Chor Bazaar, one of Mumbai’s oldest and largest flea markets. Uncover vintage items, antiques, and unique artifacts. Navigating the chaotic lanes solo allows you to explore at your own pace and discover hidden gems.

  1. Dance at Prithvi Theatre Café:

Experience the vibrant cultural scene at Prithvi Theatre Café. Attend a play or a live performance, and if the mood strikes, join the impromptu jam sessions or dance events. It’s a great way to connect with the local arts community.

  1. Mumbai Metro Ride:

Embrace the city’s modern infrastructure by taking a ride on the Mumbai Metro. The elevated views of the cityscape provide a different perspective, and it’s an efficient way to travel between various neighborhoods.

  1. Mumbai’s Nightlife:

Explore Mumbai’s nightlife solo by visiting some of its trendy bars and cafes. From rooftop bars in South Mumbai to quirky pubs in Bandra, the city comes alive after dark, offering a chance to unwind and mingle with fellow travelers or locals.


Mumbai, with its vibrant mix of culture, history, and modernity, is an ideal destination for solo travelers. Embrace the spirit of the city by exploring its iconic landmarks, delving into its rich artistic scene, and immersing yourself in the local culture. A solo trip to Mumbai promises not just adventure but also moments of self-discovery in this lively and diverse metropolis.

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