17 Things To Do In South Mumbai

Things To Do In South Mumbai

Welcome to South Mumbai, the pulsating heart of India’s financial capital, where tradition and modernity mingle on every street corner. Known for its striking colonial architecture, vibrant markets, and diverse cultural offerings, South Mumbai invites travelers and locals alike to discover its many charms. Whether you’re looking to delve into India’s rich history, sample local culinary delights, or immerse yourself in the arts, this guide to the Things To Do In South Mumbai ensures you won’t miss a beat of what this dynamic district has to offer.

Things To Do In South Mumbai

  1. Explore the Gateway of India

The iconic Gateway of India stands as a majestic reminder of the British colonial heritage. Built in 1924, this towering structure offers not just a photo op but a gateway to the past. Nearby, you can enjoy a soothing breeze at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, a historic luxury hotel known for its exquisite blend of Moorish, Oriental, and Florentine styles. A short boat ride from here can take you to the Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage site, making this spot a perfect blend of adventure and history.

  1. Visit the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum, this is one of India’s most significant art and history museums. Housing thousands of pieces spanning several millennia, the museum’s collection includes exquisite sculptures, rare coins, and ancient manuscripts. The building itself is an architectural marvel, designed in the Indo-Saracenic style, providing a visually enriching experience. Regular exhibitions and interactive sessions make it a dynamic place where history comes alive.

  1. Shop at Colaba Causeway

For those who love shopping, Colaba Causeway offers an eclectic mix of old and new. From vintage jewelry and antiques to trendy clothes and accessories, this street market has it all. It’s not just a shopper’s paradise but a place to soak up the local culture and enjoy street food like vada pav and bhel puri. The bustling lanes, bargaining calls, and the eclectic mix of people make every visit memorable. Additionally, the street is lined with cafes and bookstores, perfect for a leisurely break between shopping sprees.

  1. Walk along Marine Drive

Marine Drive, also known as the Queen’s Necklace, is a 3.6-kilometer-long boulevard in South Mumbai, famed for its C-shaped curve and stunning sea views, especially at sunset. It’s a favorite spot for both locals and tourists to stroll, watch the sun dip below the horizon, or simply savor a cup of chai from a nearby vendor. The soothing sound of the waves and the panoramic view of Mumbai’s skyline provide a perfect backdrop for evening relaxation and introspection.

  1. Discover Kala Ghoda Art District

The Kala Ghoda district is a cultural hub in South Mumbai known for its art galleries, boutiques, and museums. This area hosts the famous Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, which sees artists, musicians, and performers from around the world. Visiting here, you’ll find a vibrant community of artists and a plethora of galleries showcasing contemporary art, traditional Indian crafts, and avant-garde installations. It’s a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the artistic pulse of Mumbai.

  1. Enjoy the Serenity of Hanging Gardens

Perched on Malabar Hill, the beautifully manicured Hanging Gardens provide a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Officially known as Pherozeshop Patel Gardens, this terraced garden is famous for its lush greenery, animal-shaped hedges, and the stunning sunset views over the Arabian Sea. It’s a great spot for families to unwind, with plenty of space for kids to play and pathways for a peaceful stroll.

  1. Tour the Bombay High Court

For history and architecture enthusiasts, a visit to the Bombay High Court is a must. This Gothic Revival building constructed in the 1870s is not only a place of legal proceedings but also a site of architectural beauty. You can join a guided tour to explore its grand interiors, which include beautifully stained glass windows and a library that is a book lover’s paradise.

  1. Relish Local Flavors at Crawford Market

Step into the bustling Crawford Market, known for its vibrant atmosphere and array of goods, from fresh produce and spices to handmade crafts. This historic market, officially named Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, is also noted for its striking building that features a blend of Flemish and Norman architectural styles. It’s a perfect place to sample local flavors, pick up souvenirs, and capture the essence of Mumbai’s bustling market scene.

  1. Visit Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum

Mani Bhavan served as Mahatma Gandhi’s Mumbai headquarters for about 17 years. Now transformed into a museum, it offers a deep dive into Gandhi’s life and the Indian freedom struggle. The museum displays a vast collection of books, photographs, and personal items that belonged to Gandhi. Walking through its halls, you get a profound sense of history and the impact of Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence.

  1. Admire the Architecture of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) is an architectural marvel and a bustling railway station. Its Victorian Gothic design is a sight to behold, especially when illuminated in the evenings. A guided tour can help you appreciate the intricate details of its wood carvings, tiles, brass railings, and the impressive turrets and spires that define its skyline.

  1. Experience the Nightlife at Nariman Point

Nariman Point is not only a major business district but also a vibrant nightlife hub in South Mumbai. Lined with numerous bars, clubs, and fine dining restaurants, it offers a glamorous night out with spectacular views of the Arabian Sea. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a day of sightseeing with a cocktail or dance the night away, Nariman Point has a venue to suit every mood and taste.

  1. Visit the Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery is a landmark for art enthusiasts in South Mumbai. Located near the Gateway of India, it’s one of the city’s oldest and most prestigious art galleries, exhibiting works by both established and emerging artists. The gallery also hosts various events, art workshops, and lectures that attract art lovers and critics from across the globe. A visit here offers a glimpse into contemporary Indian art in a storied setting.

  1. Explore the Mumbai University and Rajabai Clock Tower

The Mumbai University building and its adjacent Rajabai Clock Tower are examples of exquisite Gothic Revival architecture. The clock tower, modeled after Big Ben in London, offers an incredible backdrop for photographers and architecture enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the lush university campus and sometimes attend public events and lectures that enrich the mind.

  1. Stroll through Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Located in Byculla East, the Bhau Daji Lad Museum is Mumbai’s oldest museum and showcases the city’s cultural heritage and history. The museum’s collection includes fine pottery, ancient manuscripts, and exquisite decorative arts. The building itself is a restored Victorian marvel, and the museum regularly hosts contemporary art exhibitions and cultural performances, bridging the old with the new.

  1. Relax at Girgaum Chowpatty Beach

Girgaum Chowpatty Beach is a popular spot for both locals and tourists, especially during the evenings. It’s perfect for sampling local street food like pav bhaji and kulfi while watching the sunset over the Arabian Sea. The beach also serves as a venue for Mumbai’s famous Ganesh Visarjan, offering a deep dive into local traditions and festivities.

  1. Savor the Delights at Sassoon Dock

Sassoon Dock is not only one of the oldest docks in Mumbai but also a fascinating place for those interested in the city’s seafood industry. Early mornings are bustling with activity as fishermen bring in their catch. The area has also recently become a spot for art enthusiasts with the Sassoon Dock Art Project transforming warehouse spaces into vibrant art exhibitions, making it a cultural and historical feast for the senses.

  1. Attend a Performance at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA)

For those who appreciate performing arts, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) offers a range of performances, from classical music concerts and dance performances to theatre and opera. It’s one of India’s premier cultural institutions, located near Nariman Point, and provides an enriching glimpse into the global arts scene.


From the serene greens of Hanging Gardens to the vibrant arts scene at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, South Mumbai is a district that never ceases to amaze. Its blend of historical landmarks, cultural depth, and modern vibrancy makes it an essential part of any Mumbai itinerary. Whether you spend your days exploring museums and galleries, evenings at bustling markets, or nights enjoying exquisite performances, South Mumbai offers an endless array of experiences. Each visit reveals a new layer, ensuring that the Things To Do In South Mumbai are not just activities but gateways to a deeper understanding of the city’s soul. So pack your bags and set your sights on South Mumbai – a place where every corner tells a story.

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