15 Things To Do In Vagamon

Things To Do In Vagamon

Nestled amidst the Western Ghats in Kerala, Vagamon is a picturesque hill station that offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its lush green landscapes, rolling meadows, and cool climate, Vagamon has emerged as a popular destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. In this guide, we’ll explore a variety of activities that make Vagamon a must-visit destination for those seeking a rejuvenating experience.

Things To Do In Vagamon

  1. Explore the Vagamon Meadows:

Vagamon is renowned for its sprawling meadows that stretch as far as the eye can see. Take a leisurely stroll through these lush landscapes, and immerse yourself in the serenity that surrounds you. The Vagamon Meadows are an ideal spot for picnics, photography, or simply unwinding amidst nature’s beauty.

  1. Pine Forests Trekking:

For the adventure enthusiasts, Vagamon offers exhilarating trekking opportunities through its enchanting pine forests. The crisp mountain air, the scent of pine needles, and the breathtaking views make this trek an unforgettable experience. Various trekking trails cater to different difficulty levels, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

  1. Paragliding Thrills:

Take your adventure to new heights by trying paragliding in Vagamon. The vast open skies and the scenic landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for an adrenaline-pumping experience. Whether you’re a seasoned paraglider or a first-timer, there are trained instructors and facilities to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.

  1. Visit the Vagamon Lake:

Serene and pristine, the Vagamon Lake is a tranquil reservoir surrounded by lush greenery. Boating on the lake is a popular activity, allowing visitors to soak in the beauty of the surroundings. The lake also provides a serene setting for nature walks and bird watching.

  1. Thangal Para and Murugan Mala:

For those interested in religious and cultural experiences, a visit to Thangal Para and Murugan Mala is a must. Thangal Para is a revered pilgrimage site, and Murugan Mala, with its steps leading to the top, offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills. The spiritual ambiance and breathtaking vistas make it a unique cultural excursion.

  1. Vagamon Falls:

Nature’s wonders are aplenty in Vagamon, and the Vagamon Falls is a testament to that. Surrounded by lush greenery, these cascading falls offer a refreshing break. The trek to reach the falls adds an element of adventure, making it a holistic experience for nature enthusiasts.

  1. Tea Estate Tour:

Kerala is renowned for its tea plantations, and Vagamon is no exception. Take a guided tour of the tea estates, witness the tea-making process, and savor the aroma of freshly plucked leaves. Some estates also offer homestay experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture.

  1. Kurisumala Ashram:

A spiritual retreat atop the Kurisumala Hills, the Kurisumala Ashram is a peaceful haven that welcomes seekers from various walks of life. Engage in meditation, yoga, and spiritual conversations with the resident monks. The panoramic views from the ashram provide a serene backdrop for self-reflection and relaxation.

  1. Moon Hill Viewpoint:

Capture the breathtaking beauty of Vagamon from the Moon Hill Viewpoint. As the name suggests, this vantage point offers mesmerizing views of the landscape under the moonlight. It’s a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts and those seeking a romantic ambiance.

  1. Marmala Waterfall:

Venture into the heart of nature by visiting the Marmala Waterfall. Tucked away in the wilderness, this waterfall is a hidden gem that rewards trekkers with a refreshing cascade and a natural pool. The trek to Marmala is an adventure in itself, surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of nature.

  1. Vagamon Orchidarium:

Explore the diverse flora of Vagamon at the Orchidarium. Home to a variety of orchids and other exotic plants, this botanical garden is a treat for nature lovers and botanists alike. Guided tours are available for a deeper understanding of the unique plant species housed in the Orchidarium.

  1. Rock Climbing at Barren Hills:

Challenge yourself with rock climbing amidst the rugged terrain of Barren Hills in Vagamon. The rocky outcrops offer a thrilling adventure for rock climbing enthusiasts, and the panoramic views from the top are a rewarding sight. Local adventure agencies often organize rock climbing excursions for both beginners and experienced climbers.

  1. Vagamon Pine Valley:

Experience tranquility in the heart of nature at Pine Valley. The dense pine forests provide a serene setting for nature walks and bird watching. The crisp mountain air, coupled with the soothing sound of the wind through the pine needles, creates a meditative atmosphere.

  1. Visit the Indo-Swiss Dairy Farm:

Learn about dairy farming practices at the Indo-Swiss Dairy Farm in Vagamon. Take a guided tour to witness the daily operations of the farm, interact with the local farmers, and indulge in farm-fresh dairy products. It’s an educational and immersive experience for families and those interested in agrotourism.

  1. Campfire Nights:

Wrap up your day in Vagamon with a cozy campfire night. Many resorts and camping sites in the region offer the opportunity to gather around a bonfire, share stories, and enjoy the starlit sky. It’s a perfect way to unwind and connect with fellow travelers.


Vagamon, with its blend of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural richness, is a destination that caters to a diverse range of interests. Whether you seek tranquility, adventure, or cultural exploration, Vagamon has something for everyone. Plan your trip wisely, and let the hills of Vagamon weave their magic, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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