14 Unusual Things To Do In Kochi

Unusual Things To Do In Kochi

Kochi, a vibrant city in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala, is renowned for its rich history, cultural diversity, and picturesque landscapes. While popular attractions like the Chinese Fishing Nets and Mattancherry Palace are must-visit landmarks, there’s a plethora of unconventional experiences that often go unnoticed. In this guide, we’ll take you through a curated list of Unusual Things To Do In Kochi that promise to make your visit memorable..

Unusual Things To Do In Kochi

  1. Fort Kochi Street Art Exploration:

Start your journey by wandering through the narrow lanes of Fort Kochi adorned with vibrant street art. Local and international artists have transformed the walls into a canvas, depicting the city’s history, culture, and contemporary issues. Take a leisurely stroll and let the murals guide you through the heart of Kochi’s artistic expression.

  1. Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village:

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head to Kumbalangi, India’s first designated eco-friendly village. Immerse yourself in the unique rural experience, where traditional fishing methods, crab farming, and homestays provide an authentic taste of village life. Explore the pristine backwaters and witness the coexistence of nature and sustainable living.

  1. Dhobi Khana: The Last of the Laundry Traditions:

Step into a bygone era at the Dhobi Khana, where the age-old tradition of manual laundry still thrives. Watch as the dhobis (washermen) skillfully launder clothes by hand, a sight that serves as a poignant reminder of a vanishing craft in today’s modern world.

  1. Jew Town Antique Shopping:

Dive into the antique haven of Jew Town, nestled in the heart of Mattancherry. Explore the narrow alleys lined with shops selling rare artifacts, vintage trinkets, and unique souvenirs. Don’t forget to bargain with the shopkeepers for an immersive shopping experience.

  1. Vasco da Gama Square Sunset Cruise:

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Arabian Sea with a sunset cruise from Vasco da Gama Square. Board a traditional Kerala houseboat and sail through the tranquil waters as the sun sets, casting a mesmerizing palette of colors across the horizon.

  1. Cherai Beach: Shell Collecting Extravaganza:

While beaches are common tourist destinations, Cherai Beach offers a unique twist with its abundance of seashells. Engage in the therapeutic activity of shell collecting along the shoreline and witness the diverse marine life that has gifted these treasures to the sands.

  1. David Hall Art Cafe: Blend of Art and Gastronomy:

Indulge in the perfect fusion of art and gastronomy at David Hall Art Cafe. This cultural hub not only serves delectable cuisine but also hosts art exhibitions and live performances. Immerse yourself in the artistic ambiance while savoring delicious local and international delicacies.

  1. Paradesi Synagogue: Witness Living History:

Venture into the heart of Jew Town to discover the Paradesi Synagogue, one of the oldest active synagogues in the Commonwealth. Marvel at its exquisite architecture, ancient scrolls, and the 18th-century Belgian chandeliers. The adjacent Jew Town is a treasure trove of antique shops and spice markets, providing an immersive cultural experience.

  1. Kochi Biennale Foundation: Artistic Extravaganza:

Plan your visit during the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, a contemporary art festival that transforms the city into a vibrant canvas. International and local artists showcase their installations, sculptures, and paintings across various venues, making it an extraordinary celebration of art and culture.

  1. Kayaking in the Backwaters of Kadamakudy:

For a unique water adventure, head to Kadamakudy, a serene island on the outskirts of Kochi. Embark on a kayaking expedition through the intricate network of backwaters, surrounded by lush greenery and traditional village life. This offbeat experience offers a close encounter with nature away from the tourist crowds.

  1. Mattancherry Murals at Ramukaka Parambu:

Explore the lesser-known Mattancherry Murals at Ramukaka Parambu, a hidden gem showcasing stunning murals that depict the local way of life, mythology, and social issues. This grassroots art initiative brings color and life to the walls, providing a thought-provoking and visually appealing experience.

  1. Explore the Kuzhupilly Beach Ghost Village:

Discover the eerie charm of the abandoned Kuzhupilly Beach Ghost Village. Deserted homes and buildings, remnants of a once-thriving community, create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. As the waves crash against the shore, this ghost village offers a unique setting for photographers and those intrigued by the mysteries of the past.

  1. Kochi’s Hidden Culinary Gems:

Delve into Kochi’s lesser-known culinary delights by exploring local eateries and street food stalls. From the savory Kozhi Porichathu (spicy deep-fried chicken) to the sweet and crispy Unnakaya (banana fritters), the city’s diverse culinary scene promises a gastronomic adventure that goes beyond the usual tourist fare.

  1. Kaladi – Birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya:

Journey to Kaladi, the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya, the revered Hindu philosopher. Visit the Adi Shankara Keerthi Sthamba Mandapam and the Sharada Devi Temple to soak in the spiritual atmosphere. The tranquil surroundings and the essence of philosophy make this destination a serene escape.


Kochi, with its blend of tradition and modernity, beckons travelers to explore beyond the conventional. From hidden art gems to quaint village experiences, the city unfolds a tapestry of surprises. So, the next time you find yourself in Kochi, venture off the beaten path and discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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