17 Things To Do In Gulmarg

Things To Do In Gulmarg

Nestled in the pristine Himalayan ranges, Gulmarg is a picturesque town in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, Gulmarg is a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re seeking serene moments amidst snow-capped peaks or the thrill of outdoor activities, Gulmarg has something for everyone. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best things to do in this enchanting destination.

Things To Do In Gulmarg

  1. Gondola Ride to Apharwat Peak:

Gulmarg boasts one of the highest cable cars in the world, the Gulmarg Gondola. Take a scenic ride to Apharwat Peak, located at an elevation of 4,390 meters. The panoramic views of the snow-clad mountains during the journey and from the peak are truly awe-inspiring.

  1. Skiing in the Himalayas:

Gulmarg is a renowned skiing destination, attracting adventure enthusiasts from around the globe. The town’s snow-covered slopes provide an ideal terrain for both beginners and experienced skiers. The Gulmarg Ski Resort offers equipment rentals and expert instructors for an unforgettable skiing experience.

  1. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve:

Nature lovers shouldn’t miss the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The reserve is a paradise for birdwatchers, with species like the endangered Hangul deer and a variety of migratory birds gracing its landscapes.

  1. St. Mary’s Church:

For a touch of history and architecture, visit St. Mary’s Church, one of the oldest Christian churches in India. Built in the 1500s, the church’s Gothic-style architecture and serene surroundings provide a peaceful escape.

  1. Shopping at the Floating Market:

Experience the unique charm of Gulmarg’s floating market, where vendors set up their shops on the frozen surface of the Dal Lake. Purchase traditional Kashmiri handicrafts, Pashmina shawls, and exquisite rugs while enjoying the surreal surroundings.

  1. Golfing at Gulmarg Golf Course:

Set against the backdrop of snow-covered peaks, the Gulmarg Golf Course is one of the highest in the world. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf amidst breathtaking scenery and crisp mountain air.

  1. Explore the Outer Circle Walk:

Take a leisurely stroll along the Outer Circle Walk, a scenic path that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and pine forests. This easy trek is perfect for those who want to soak in the natural beauty at a relaxed pace.

  1. Partake in the Winter Sports Festival:

If you visit during winter, don’t miss the Winter Sports Festival, an annual event showcasing various snow-related activities and competitions. From snowboarding to ice-skating, the festival adds an extra layer of excitement to your Gulmarg experience.

  1. Visit the Maharani Temple:

Explore the historic Maharani Temple, dedicated to the wife of Maharaja Hari Singh. The temple’s intricate architecture and peaceful surroundings make it a great place for both spirituality and photography.

  1. Enjoy a Shikara Ride on Dal Lake:

Take a short drive to Dal Lake and enjoy a peaceful Shikara ride. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the serene waters of Dal Lake provide a tranquil escape. You can also experience the unique floating gardens and floating markets.

  1. Photography at Strawberry Valley:

Capture the surreal beauty of Strawberry Valley, especially during the winter months when the entire valley is covered in a pristine blanket of snow. The play of light on the snow creates a mesmerizing landscape for photography enthusiasts.

  1. Try the Local Cuisine:

Indulge your taste buds in the local Kashmiri cuisine. Sample dishes like Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Wazwan, which are rich in flavors and showcase the culinary heritage of the region. Visit local eateries and savor the warmth of Kashmiri hospitality.

  1. Attend the Gulmarg Snow Festival:

If your visit coincides with the Gulmarg Snow Festival, make sure to attend this vibrant celebration. The festival features cultural performances, music, and traditional Kashmiri folk dances, adding a cultural touch to your adventure.

  1. Horse Riding in Gulmarg Meadows:

Explore the meadows of Gulmarg on horseback. Horse riding is a popular activity, allowing you to traverse the lush landscapes and take in the stunning views at a leisurely pace.

  1. Gulmarg Ice Skating Rink:

During the winter months, experience the thrill of ice skating at the Gulmarg Ice Skating Rink. Surrounded by snow-covered peaks, this outdoor rink provides a unique opportunity to glide over the ice in a surreal setting.

  1. Take a Glimpse of Tangmarg:

Extend your exploration to Tangmarg, a nearby town known for its scenic beauty and local markets. The drive to Tangmarg itself is a picturesque journey, offering glimpses of rural life in the Kashmir Valley.

  1. Photograph the Sunset at Sunset Point:

Wrap up your day by heading to Sunset Point. Witness the sun setting behind the snow-capped mountains, casting a warm glow over the landscape. It’s a magical moment that encapsulates the beauty of Gulmarg.


Gulmarg, with its unparalleled beauty and diverse activities, is a destination that captivates the hearts of all who visit. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, nature enthusiast, or someone looking for a peaceful retreat, Gulmarg offers a myriad of experiences that make it a must-visit destination. Plan your trip, and let the magic of Gulmarg unfold before you.

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